4-Legger Launches USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

Pet Age Staff//July 26, 2018//

4-Legger Launches USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

Pet Age Staff //July 26, 2018//

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Three years ago 4-Legger’s line of USDA Certified Organic to Food Grade Shampoos established a higher standard of safety. But the company wondered how pet parents could know 4-Legger’s products were made with all natural and organic ingredients when the USDA didn’t have a “made with organic” symbol to be used on the front of the bottle and catch the consumer’s eye.

The company’s new product line solves that problem by being the first and only aloe based USDA organic dog shampoo to meet the high standards of the National Organic Program to display both the words “Certified Organic” and the USDA seal on the front of the bottle, according to 4-Legger.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the day my beloved dog Henry Clay passed away from cancer linked to environmental toxins, I knew I had to be a voice of change,” CEO Melissa Boland SAID. “We are so proud to be the first aloe based USDA dog shampoo on the market and have made it much easier for pet parents to select a truly all natural and organic dog shampoo simply looking for the seal on the front of the bottle.”

The five new products include a USDA Organic Lavender Dog Shampoo made with calendula and St. John’s Wort to soothe sensitive, dry, and itchy skin and an Organic Lemongrass Dog Shampoo with powerful all natural moisturizers like organic hemp seed oil, organic shea butter, and organic sunflower oil. 4-Legger’s USDA Certified Organic Neem with Orange Essential Oil Dog Shampoo is an uplifting blend for dogs that simply need to maintain healthy skin as well as those plagued with biting pests, irritated skin, or dermatitis caused by allergies, flea bites or environmental conditions. The USDA Organic Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil Dog Shampoo is an alternative to medicated dog shampoo for dogs with yeast or bacterial infections. The USDA Organic Aloe Dog Shampoo combines organic aloe juice with organic coconut, shea butter, olive, sunflower and jojoba to create a gentle formulation to relieve itchy skin, moisturize dry skin and soothe irritated skin.