3 Reasons PSC Says You Should Want to Go to IMPACT UNLEASHED

April 24, 2017

Once in a while there are events that change your perspective on your business or give you a new idea that will reinvigorate your leadership style. These events, if strung together artfully throughout your career, can be important elements in keeping you and your business healthy. There are also events where you meet individuals that become your closest professional allies for decades or more. These are the people you call when you have to make hard decisions about growth strategies, when you are in a rut and need a swift kick in the butt or when your idea is flopping and you need an objective perspective to evolve quickly.

IMPACT UNLEASHED, hosted by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), promises to be all of these things. Not only will you become incredibly inspired and knowledgeable about key opportunities to position your business for growth that drives profitability, not only for you but also for the communities where you do business and the environments we rely on to produce our goods and services, but you will also have the opportunity to sit around a Colorado campfire with some of the most thoughtful and innovative leaders in the industry.

Below are the three reasons why PSC says you want IMPACT UNLEASHED in your life. Tickets close on April 30 for this May 4 and 5 event, which is taking place in Denver, Colorado, where influential leaders learn from one another, share their purpose, best practices, successes and challenges.

  1. Inspiration to innovate. Not only will IMPACT UNLEASHED deliver some incredible and relevant brand impact stories from other industries, but you will also learn from half a dozen pet industry leaders about ways they are innovating through employee engagement and supply chain sourcing.
  2. Impact driven community. Over 60 of the industries impactful leaders will be checking competition at the door in an intimate setting where you can get a first name basis.
  3. Tools to improve the health of your business. PSC has a whole suite of web-based tools that are actively being used by leading pet companies. You can learn the what, how, and who of the PSC toolkit so that you leave the event with tangible next steps to adopt sustainability business practices.

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