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3 Mistakes that are Killing Your Pet… Business!

John Cullen//March 7, 2013//

3 Mistakes that are Killing Your Pet… Business!

John Cullen //March 7, 2013//

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1. Not generating enough brand awareness.  How many people have heard of your brand?  Better yet, how many retail buyers know your company or brand?  If the answer is zero, you can guarantee yourself zero sales.

What to do instead: Advertise in trade magazines while you are building distribution.

2. Not testing your product concept with research.  Everyone loves their creations, but do consumers?  Also, the first thing a retail buyer is wondering when they review your product is – will consumers buy this?  Should I take a risk on this product?

What to do instead: It is really smart to consider doing a small research study among consumers in your target market.  Use best practices to find out if there is a market for your product.  If people hate it you will save a ton of money moving a bad idea forward.  If the results are positive, you can use them in your sales presentation.  It helps take the risk out of your product in the buyer’s mind.

3. Not getting help NOW!  Many of our clients try to do everything themselves first.  They spend a ton of money sending out samples and advertising in consumer magazines (without any distribution of their product) and making other mistakes.  They come to us exhausted and desperate and broke.

What to do instead: Hire an expert in the pet industry.  It doesn’t have to be us, but someone that can help you navigate the pitfalls and get you back on track.

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