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2020 Re-Tails & Sales: Thriving Pets to Vitalize the Planet

Pet Age Staff//December 5, 2019//

2020 Re-Tails & Sales: Thriving Pets to Vitalize the Planet

Pet Age Staff //December 5, 2019//

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Press release: Re-Tails & Sales Expo

Pet retailers, groomers, veterinarians, dog walkers and pet sitters are invited to mark their calendars for Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 for the 8th Annual NYC Re-Tails & Sales Pet Expo, to meet pet product manufacturers that take a stand for the planet with regenerative packaging and high performance products that benefit our pet’s health and impact our social wellness.  

Some of the innovative and emerging trends in the pet industry include alternative proteins such as cricket protein or mouse meat cat treats.  The show welcomes any pet product manufacturers that believe in eco- and earth-friendly production and business practices to not only reduce our carbon footprint but impact the environment in a positive way. Health focused start-ups and new businesses that empower pet parents to make smart choices for their pets and the earth are invited to exhibit. Earth Animal is a returning vendor who is already on board, leading the pack! 

Past year’s themes have included a focus on all-natural, pet tech, made in the USA pet products and the trend towards CBD in 2019, with attendees exceeding 200 retailers from the NYC Tri-State area. The 2020 NYC Re-Tails & Sales Pet Expo will be held again at Home Studios Inc., a beautiful sunny venue a few blocks north of Union Square located at 873 Broadway (@18th Street) in Manhattan. IMG_8355

“What pet parents, especially millennials, are looking for when shopping for their pets is something that solves all their concernstheir pet’s health and longevity as well as the impact on this planet,” says Nancy Hassel, president of American Pet Professionals. 

Pet savvy, urban consumers who love sustainability are now looking for regenerative and upcycled non-waste options and will be confronting retailers about this. Now is the time for retailers to enhance their planet friendly options to prepare for the future. 

“Retailers in the New York area are starting to make a point to be, and to promote and sell, environmentally pet-friendly and safe productsthat help vs. hurt the planet,” says Dana Humphrey, “The Pet Lady”. 

Re-purposed and rescued materials transformed in to a positive usable item, is one of the ways that manufacturers are looking to make goods, which help our planet thrive.  Additionally, those making human-grade food or treats for pets that take into account alternative, renewable proteins are right on track for the future of the pet care industry. The new definition of luxury is how well we all are, from snout to tail. 

Plus, this year for the first time we will be awarding a Pet Retailer in the New York City and Tri-State Area the 2020 Pet Retailer Community Impact AwardThe 2020 Pet Retailer Community Impact Award will be awarded to a retailer who has implemented impactful ways to help the planet and pets and give back to help their local community thrive. The award will go to a deserving retailer in the NYC Tri-State area on the day of the B2B trade show event on May 12th

Do you know a community that is thriving thanks to a local pet retailer?  Retailers can apply now! Submit how you are impacting your community here: [email protected] 

In celebration of a more sustainable planet, there will be no goodie bags at this event. BYOB! Bring your own reusable goodie bag to collect information and maybe even some samples from our vendors!