Who’s Smarter, Cat or Dog Owners?

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A recent study by Carol University found that cat owners scored higher on an intelligence test than dog owners, which has started an internet war. After reading this study I told our assistant editor, Jason, that this study was ridiculous, there is no doubt that dog owners are smarter and that this study made no sense.

In response, I was given a quizzical look by Jason who claims that cats are smarter. This is his so called “argument” that just took place at our Pet Age office.

Jason: First off, there is no contest. Cats in general are smarter animals than dogs, thus, the knowledge of the cat transfers to its owner.

Oreo C. Collins, a cat from Macon, Ga., successfully earned a high school diploma from Jefferson High School Online. I am willing to bet that no dog, in the history of dogs, has ever received a high school diploma, or even a grade school diploma.

Also, computer engineer Wei Lu at the University of Michigan is developing the computer of the future and said he hopes to make it as smart as a cat.

“The cat brain sets a realistic goal because it is much simpler than a human brain but still extremely difficult to replicate in complexity and efficiency,” he said.

Even engineers from somewhat prestigious universities think cats are smarter.

Michelle: Seriously, is there even a question about this? Of course dog owners are smarter. Afterall, they decided to own a dog, which is a smart move right there.

As the study pointed out, we tend to be more social, which means we must have something to talk about, and of substance. Do you think all we do is just talk about our dogs? Plus, why would they call them man’s best friend if they didn’t have the intelligence of a best friend.

Dog owners are smarter, because they need to have the skill set to train their dog. They have to learn to read their body language, teach them basic commands and more.

Plus, they need to be more attentive to the needs of dogs. For example, in knowing when they have to go outside. Cat owners just need to change a litter box. They don’t have to pay attention to the little clues that dog owners need to learn.

Jason: Clues? Who needs clues. On the cat side we have memes. MEMES! The thing that has literally (figuratively) taken over the internet. A simple Google search shows the hundreds or thousands of cat memes that have delighted us all. We have grumpy cat … GRUMPY CAT! I am pretty sure grumpy cat could run for a political office and get elected, he is that popular.

So not only are cats smarter (and in turn makes their owners smarter), but they are more popular. Cats are like the cool kids at high school that everyone wishes they could be, and dogs are just the jealous kids in the front of the class.

Michelle: You know what, I did search cats on the internet, and you know what I found? Cats in boxes. That is what a cat does, it tries to fit into a box it obviously can’t fit into. Dogs you can play fetch with, you can sleep with, you can cuddle next to. They will help guard your house and your loved ones. They have police dogs! I have never seen a police cat. They are the loyal companion while you have a scaredy cat.

Dogs have memes by the way, we have the pun dog. Puns are the highest form of intelligent humor and only a dog owner would be able to think of some of those puns.

There has been research that dogs can smell different types of cancers. How you may ask? According to Larry Myers, an Auburn University veterinarian, dogs can smell multiple layers of chemicals. Cats can’t smell anything worth smelling.

Jason: Sorry I wasn’t paying attention, I was watching this cat try to fit in that box, but it can’t fit hahahaha.

Anyway, let me end this debate by saying the most important thing, my ace up my sleeve. It is obvious that cats are smarter than dogs becauasd;lfkj 9094jfieievf 09 9nndjk

As Jason went to finish his answer to me, he couldn’t, a cat jumped up on his keyboard

So we are now turning to you, help us end this argument and decide which owner is smarter, the dog owner or the cat owner.

9 Responses to “Who’s Smarter, Cat or Dog Owners?”

  1. Jack hoover

    May 31. 2014

    Cats rule… Dogs drool!!!

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  2. Tomi Takemoto

    Jun 04. 2014

    I think that cats are just as smart as any dogs. My eight cats warn me when stranger comes towards our back door. They love attention and they do their business on their own.

    In fact, I trained my six week old kitten to go to her potty on command. She will do her business with my command and scratches the cat pan when she i done. Our cat pan is very tall so she can’t get in without my help!

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  3. Vickie Fisher

    Jun 04. 2014

    I’m sure I can say this for all of our members around the world, Cats and Cat Owners, of course!

    The International Cat Association, Inc.

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  4. Lucy

    Jun 08. 2014

    I don’t think the pet you prefer has much to do with intelligence but rather, it has to do with how involved you wish to be with your pet. A dedicated dog owner walks, trains and plays with his dog. A dedicated cat owner keeps the litter box clean, pats the cat and maybe plays with it occasionally. Cat people have cats because they are generally less time consuming to care for. I like cats but do not find them nearly as rewarding as dogs or horses.

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  5. Kate Fawcett

    Jun 22. 2014

    Cats are more intelligent than dogs, no question! They are too smart to be bothered doing tricks on command at anytime. Felines are independent and know their own minds. They will nurture you when you are sick by lying beside you and purring constantly. Many cats in nursing homes can instinctively tell when a person is dying and will go to that bed to comfort the person in their final hours. Dogs bark at everyone and everything! Cats are cool characters. They have their likes and dislikes but don’t underestimate the joy they can give their masters!

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  6. mema

    Jun 22. 2014

    What about owners of both cats & dogs?
    Are they twice as smart?

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  7. Rudolph.A.Furtado

    Jun 22. 2014

    I have owned both dogs and cats and now presently the owner of two traditional Persian cats “Matahari” and “Matata”. Cats are very intelligent but obstinate and hence can’t be trained to obey orders akin to a dog.As for intelligence of the human owners, well thats a million dollar answer!

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  8. Candice Hoting

    Jun 24. 2014

    Cats are smarter. They have more neurons, etc than dogs. Both of my cats can sit, stay, sit up, shake paws, walk on a leash, lie down, etc.
    I taught five 4 week old orphaned kittens to go up and down stairs on command. Also taught them to stay on the floor and not come on the rug before they were 7 weeks old.

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  9. Kat

    Mar 02. 2016

    Cats. For all the reasons they said and many more, cats.

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