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January 3, 2018

Quality Marine is starting the New Year by offering yet another new aquacultured species: juvenile Koran Angel (Pomacanthus semicirculatus).

Back in 2011, the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Lab, in collaboration with Rising Tide Conservation, were the first in the world to successfully produce captive bred specimens of Pomacanthus semicirculatus, and now this momentous achievement has been recreated in Indonesia. Very few were produced, so Quality Marine says it is “incredibly excited” to be able to have this opportunity.

These Angels are typically be found in the Indo-Pacific either singly or in pairs between one to 40 meters deep. Juveniles inhabit shallow protected areas, while adults prefer coastal reefs. Both prefer areas with ample hiding places as they can be very shy. They eat a wide variety of invertebrates like sponges, tunicates and algae.

The Koran Angel is a beautiful species, known for adapting well to captivity. Their interesting coloration and personality make them fascinating aquarium inhabitants. Like many species in the genus Pomacanthus, the Koran exhibits juvenile coloration and patterns that are strikingly different than the adult. They can thrive in most aquarium settings. They need a varied diet, stable water quality and ample swimming space. Many pomacanthus are considered picky eaters, however, the aquacultured specimens have been raised on a prepared diet and will readily accept frozen meaty foods and marine pellets. A portion of their food source should still contain sponges and marine based vegetable matter.

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