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Gourmet Bearded Dragon Food by Zoo Med Labs


Gourmet Bearded Dragon Food adds enrichment to a dragon’s diet with blueberries, mealworms, and dried rose flowers added to Zoo Med’s Natural Bearded Dragon Food. Contains the correct ratios of protein, calcium and fiber with essential vitamins and minerals and has no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. View Product →

Infrared Thermometer by Exo Terra


The Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer incorporates new technology into this fast, simple and accurate pocket tool. The point-and-click thermometer is ideal for monitoring basking sites, shelters and incubation media. A small LED targeting light measures precisely, even from a distance. View Product →

Bamboo Tweezers Feeding Tool by Exo Terra


This tweezer is made from sustainable bamboo for an eco-friendly alternative to standard feeding tools. The flexible nature of bamboo prevents injuries to reptiles and feeder insects. The lightweight, flexible design offers superior comfort for handlers. View Product →

Tongs Feeding Tool by Exo Terra


Made from high quality stainless steel for live feeding reptiles and amphibians, the Tongs Feeding Tool offers excellent durability. These handy tongs provide an ergonomic design for handler comfort. The tips are soft-coated to prevent mouth injury. View Product →

Collapsible Snake Hook by Exo Terra


This strong but light-weight hook makes handling and feeding snakes up to medium-size safer and more comfortable. When fully extended, the shaft secures in place to prevent rotation while lifting or holding the snake. View Product →

Repti Rapids LED Waterfalls by Zoo Med


Moving water features can be very beneficial by stimulating natural drinking behaviors in many species and increasing and maintaining humidity for tropical terrariums. Special waterproof LEDs light up the waterfall during daytime or night. View Product →

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