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Safari Bamboo Brushes


The seven new Safari Bamboo Brushes by Coastal Pet are made with eco-friendly bamboo and offer coated wire pins for comfort. View Product →

The Classic Mini Grooming Table by PetLift


PetLift manufactures a range of tables in sizes and shapes to meet every need. From the simple folding grooming tables—available with and without adjustable legs—to hydraulic lifts, the brand builds tables to fit in any salon. The Classic Mini Grooming Table reduces the roaming area for small breeds, including cats, and fills smaller gaps in grooming areas as an extra table while utilizing the same heavy-duty base pump as the brand’s […] View Product →

Pet Head by Company of Animals


All Pet Head formulas are human grade, earth friendly, pH adjusted and made in the USA. The portfolio includes a full range of dog and cat products with edgy and bold product names like Life’s an Itch Soothing Shampoo and Fizzy Mitty Mousse Cat Cleaner. Products include shampoos for dogs and cats with a variety of skin types as well as dry shampoos and deodorizer sprays for pets that don’t enjoy […] View Product →

Merrick Fresh Kisses


These all-natural treats are designed to do double duty by cleaning teeth and freshening dog breath at the same time with a new-to-the-category double brush treat design to clean teeth, plus natural ingredients that truly freshen breath. They’re available in two recipes and four sizes: Merrick Fresh Kisses infused with mint-flavored breath strips and Merrick […] View Product →

PetzLife Oral Care New Packaging


PetzLife has unveiled a new look for its Oral Care labels. The packaging will now feature the company’s 2017 Best Smile Contest winner, Ben, who gives the line a refreshing new feel. View Product →

Beeps Magic Brush


Beeps Magic Brush is a combination of creativity, technology and innovative thought coupled with vast experience that gives solutions to the unmet needs of coat care for pets. With 428 bristles plus 32 different heights and 16 different widths, it disperses the force and pressure placed on the coats during grooming, allowing quick detangling with no pulls at the dog’s fur. The Magic Brush fits for […] View Product →

Classic C1 Cat & Dog Vacuum


The Classic C1 Cat & Dog offers specialized features to keep flooring and upholstery tidy and contaminants from reentering the air. The vacuum includes a 1,200-watt exclusive Miele Vortex Motor with high suction power and low noise, perfect for homes with pets that are easily frightened by loud sounds. Loose hair and particles cannot escape the interchangeable Electro […] View Product →

Eazee Click and Brush Accessories


Designed for pets with short to medium coats, the Bristle Brush PRO Medium is perfect for everyday brushing, styling and finishing. The Comb PRO38 Medium features stainless steel teeth with smooth, rounded tips that are ideal for styling fine hair around sensitive areas as well as for gentle detangling. The third member of this new collection is the Soft Massage Brush PRO. Its soft, flexible, rounded pins […] View Product →

Dremel 7300-PGK and Accessory Kits


The new Dremel 7300-PGK is designed to be easier to use, more efficient and gentler. Its clear attachment was designed to help pet owners avoid cutting nails too short or causing any pain to the pet. The tool features a quiet motor and won’t crack, splinter or break a pet’s nails. It also captures nail filings, and its simple hinged construction allows for easy cleaning and assembly. […] View Product →

EcoSMART Pet Grooming Line


The new EcoSMART grooming products are developed and pH balanced for dogs eight weeks and older. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, detangler and fresh spray, formulated with oatmeal, aloe and shea butter, making them ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. The line’s fragrance off erings include Honey Coconut, Ocean Essence, Grapefruit Splash and Tropical Sorbet, […] View Product →

Kibble Pet Soothing Wipes


Kibble Pet Soothing Wipes, available in lavender, are 100 percent biodegradable, hypoallergenic, artificial fragrance-free and are designed to easily clean dirty fur, behinds and paws while naturally calming and conditioning. Kibble Pet believes dogs equally deserve the opportunity to look and smell great and that a healthy coat is a fundamental necessity, not a splurge. […] View Product →

Aquapaw Bathing Tool


The Aquapaw Bathing Tool is a combination sprayer and scrubber that straps to the hand and makes multi-tasking much easier during bath time. It is one-size-fits-all, slim and flexible and can be turned on and off with one hand, giving users total control over the flow of water and the pet while bathing them. View Product →

The Absorber


CleanTools, Inc., is proud to introduce a revolutionary drying product designed to dry tail-waggers faster and easier. The Absorber is an unexpected hero that will save time, energy and furniture. Its proprietary pore structure attracts water like a magnet, pulling in more water than ordinary bath and microfiber towels. View Product →

Clean Teeth by Epic Pet Health


Clean Teeth is an odorless, colorless, tasteless spray that reduces dental tartar, treats bad breath and promotes healthy teeth and gums with just once-daily use in a pet’s food or water. It contains a unique blend of safe, natural ingredients made from minerals and vitamin electrolytes in alkaline water that are easily absorbed by the body. View Product →



ClotIt is a revolutionary, all natural patented formula that stops bleeding on all animals and can be used on wounds both large and small. This mineralbased white powder requires no specialized medical training to apply. Simply apply to the wound and apply pressure. ClotIt does not sting when used, does not stain fingers or fur, […] View Product →

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