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Chemi-clean cleans stains from red, black, blue-green and methane (bubble) producing cyanobacteria in marine aquariums. It is completely safe for all fi sh, corals, invertebrates and nitrifying bacteria in reef systems. Chemiclean works within 48 hours to oxidize trapped organic sludge and promotes an ideal enzyme balance. View Product →

FritzZyme and TurboStart


FritzZyme 7 and 9 and TurboStart 700 and 900 all contain specific strains of live nitrifying bacteria proven to reduce fish loss due to toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite. Nitrifying bacteria can take weeks to naturally establish colonies in new aquariums while ammonia and nitrite can reach lethal levels in days. FritzZyme provides the proper balance of bacteria proven to rapidly seed […] View Product →

Aqueon QuietFlow LED Filters


Featuring an LED filter cartridge change indicator light that fl ashes when the cartridge becomes clogged with debris, QuietFlow LED Aquarium Filters provide a reminder that it’s time to replace the cartridge. A great benefi t of the Aqueon QuietFlow filters is the internal pump design that helps dampen noise, eliminates leaks and, because it is self-priming, starts up automatically after cleaning […] View Product →

Full View Aquariums by Lifegard Aquatics


The angled fronts of Full View Aquariums allow users to have a larger viewing area inside the tank when placed at the same level with a fl at front tank. No more bending down to enjoy the life inside the aquarium. The Full View aquarium off ers the maximum viewing area in its class. This moderndesigned aquarium comes complete […] View Product →

Chemi-pure Green 


Chemi-pure Green is the ultimate all-inone filtration media for freshwater planted aquariums. Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use nylon bag, Chemi-pure Green is formulated to off er superior filtration without removing essential micro and macro nutrients. The proprietary formula significantly reduces tannins, odors, toxins, organic compounds and medications. Chemi-pure Green’s highcapacity pelletized activated carbon has very low ash content and rinses clear quickly. View Product →

C-ray Light


Cobalt Aquatics’ line of C-ray LED light fi xtures bring powerful LEDs, minimalist design and advanced electronics together for the ultimate in aquarium light fixtures. The innovative C-ray lights incorporate high output chips, fi ll light strips, and circular Halo moon lights to provide strong, evenly distributed PAR output in one full spectrum, controllable array. With multiple mounting options, app driven Wi-Fi […] View Product →

SFBB Reef Multi-pack


The Reef Multi-Pack from San Francisco Bay Brand contains four varieties of food: marine cuisine, coral cuisine, reef plankton and fi sh eggs. It’s safe for saltwater invertebrates, corals and fi sh. View Product →

Fritz RPM Reef Elements


It is impossible to maintain a healthy, vibrant marine aquarium without also maintaining the proper levels of calcium, alkalinity and magnesium. The Fritz RPM Calcium/Buffer System and Fritz RPM Magnesium allows aquarists to maintain these three critical components in their proper ionic balance. Fritz RPM Reef Elements do not contain unmeasured and unnecessary ions and metals, which […] View Product →

Chemi-pure Blue


Chemi-pure Blue is specially created for fantastic results in reef and marine aquariums. The new proprietary blend of premium, low-dust pelleted carbon and high capacity ion-exchange resins are skillfully combined to create a superior all-in-one filter media in a nylon bag. Chemi-pure Blue signifi cantly reduces organic compounds and phosphates while raising redox and helping stabilize pH for a healthy, crystal clear […] View Product →

QuietFlow Canister Filters


Aqueon QuietFlow Canister Filters are designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The canister is preloaded with biological, chemical and mechanical media to efficiently remove waste and harmful toxins from water. Included is a unique hang on the back water polishing unit that makes maintenance quick and easy. Instead of disassembling the canister housing to replace the contents of […] View Product →

Telescopic Aquarium Nets


Lifegard Aquarium Nets have an adjustable and extendable handle that can reach up to 21 inches. They’re constructed out of high quality and durable metal for use in fresh or salt water. The net is made with a soft non-clinging, non-collapsing material to gently catch fish, shrimp or any other aquarium inhabitants. The handle has a non-slip grip and hanging loop and the tool […] View Product →

Ascent Frameless LED Kits


Far from the traditional aquarium frame, Ascent Frameless Aquarium Kits feature polished edges and floating base accentuating its modern design. The angled top creates a distinctive silhouette truly unique and perfect for home or office. The ultramodern design also serves an aesthetic and functional purpose. The kit includes the glass aquarium, a cover with LED lighting, QuietFlow Power Filtration, a […] View Product →

Mighty Mag Algae Cleaner


Lifegard Mighty Mag aquarium algae cleaner is the simplest and easiest solution to effectively remove algae from glass or acrylic aquariums. This cleaner is designed for any size aquarium and can be discreetly hidden when not in use, even in the smallest Nano aquariums. Its user-friendly grip is designed for a relaxed and comfortable feel. The combination of an efficient scrubber and a powerful magnet […] View Product →

PE Flakes


PE Flakes are a highly palatable, nutritionally complete fish food designed to enhance coloration and induce an energetic feeding response in a variety of fish. All formulations of PE Flakes contain fresh PE Mysis as the leading ingredient, resulting in a rich and nutritionally complete diet. The patented harvesting methodology protects the integrity of the fresh PE Mysis, resulting in no loss of nutrition. PE […] View Product →

Jelly Cylinder 5 Kit


The Jelly Cylinder 5 kit contains everything needed to keep healthy and happy live jellyfish, including Chemipure Blue to help keep water crystal clear; JellyBio Starter, which introduces beneficial bacteria to help break down waste; and an artemia hatcher to provide live brine shrimp. Measuring 20½ inches high and 10 inches deep, this upgraded system comes with everything needed to make enjoying […] View Product →

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