Passing Down Evanger’s

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After acquiring Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company, the Sher family has come together to help improve the brand.

Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company was established in 1935 and taken over by the Sher family 10 years ago. Holly and Joel Sher have five children, all of which are involved in the business in various capacities.

“As we move to our beautiful new, expanded and eco-friendly manufacturing facility in Markham, IL, we are starting to get the kids even more involved in the ownership role,” Holly Sher, owner of Evanger’s, said. “As we get older, we will be playing less of a role.  It is amazing to Joel and I that five kids could be so different in their strengths, but also very much alike in their goals in working hard and focusing on delivering high-quality made in the USA dog and cat food.  We are lucky that our children all get along and want to be a part of creating and driving the future of the pet industry.”

Sher said that on the job training is critical for the process they go through with passing their company down to their children.

“Every day is a learning experience for us, and it’s critical to have them all actively involved in the day to day business for many years as this is the best real world training they can get,” Sher said. “They are all building relationships within every phase and aspect of this industry … relationships that will build and strengthen year after year.”

For Sher, the hardest part would be stepping away for what you have been involved in every single day, seven days a week, for the past 12 years.

“My parents owned their own business, so based on their example is a big reason why I wanted to run and devote myself and our family to our own company,” Sher said. “As an independent business, we will continue to support independent business, and work hard every day to deliver.”

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  1. joan cook

    Jun 08. 2014

    Thank you for making such delicious and nutritious dog food. My dogs love the canned Hunk of Beef and the Chicken Thighs. Each time I open the can of Hunk of Beef, I am reminded of my own “home-cooked” pot roast and have to stop myself from actually taking a taste! Thank you and please never change the recipes!

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