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New GPS Tracking Device Now Being Crowdfunded

October 10, 2014

Pod, a new pet GPS tracking device is now being funded on

The Pod is a tracking device that uses GPS technology and attaches to a pet’s collar to allow instant location of the animal from a phone. It also tracks their activity and fitness levels.

Sebastian Langton, founder of Pod got the idea when he lost his cat, Rango.

“We are doing this so that people don’t have to go through the pain of losing their pet like I did,” said Langton. “By getting involved, people are going to be taking a stand and raising awareness that losing pets is now avoidable with the right technology. A crowdfunding campaign lets us all build this solution together and much faster than would have been possible in the past.”

For more information or to contribute to the campaign, visit

The units will be shipped in December for contributors and will be available in stores nationwide as well.

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