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Mini Me Pups Pet Boutique Nails Retail Tourism Marketing

August 27, 2014

Blame it on the humanization of pets. We want them to be experiencing the same fun times we are.

Pet retail stores in tourist areas can capitalize on this guilt, but many times don’t, or they don’t do it well. They might have a pet t-shirt, leash or treat with the name of the location they are at, but they either don’t use the correct marketing to draw tourists in, or only have limited options.

This was not the case with Mini Me Pups Pet Boutique in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. While the store is nestled in the downstairs of a beautiful old building right on the main drag, this image caught my eye while walking down the sidewalk.


I thought to myself, “They nailed this.” Then, I took a stroll inside. Not only did they nail the marketing aspect of it, they blew it out of the park.

The treats they were alluding to were the same treats pet owners were likely enjoying themselves on a vacation in that particular area — camping, smores and hiking mountain trails. Now, they could bring a little bit of their vacation fun back for their pets to enjoy.


I was impressed with the thought that went into this. In addition, they also serve their regular customers well by offering  practical items like leashes, collars and toys.

One thing that also stood out, but unfortunately, the photo didn’t come out, was they were not all about dogs. They had a special section of the store dedicated to cats.  Such a clever idea, as most small stores like that tend to focus on just dogs.

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