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MilkOPet is a human grade dairy milk, which has been made completely digestion friendly, all lactose removed, and nutrionally enhanced for dogs. It takes the dry out of dry food and serves as the ultimate, lip-smacking treat.

7 Responses to “MilkOPet”

  1. Gio

    Apr 01. 2013

    Great product!

    Perfect balance of nutrients with a sweet taste that keeps Otto coming back for more.

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  2. Doug Pendley

    Apr 02. 2013

    Thank you Pet Age for recognizing our new Milk0pet® product. We have developed a new way to treat dogs and enliven meal time with natural, lactose-free, nutritionally enhanced milk. Veterinarians are often asked for a healthy treat recommendation. Our “Nutritionist Advisor” Dr. Rebecca Remillard, PhD, DVM, DACVN, and professor at NC State recommends one with a nutritional profile that is similar to the daily recommended diet. Milk0pet® is more in line with the ideal nutritional profile than many other treats available. Visit us on line at http://www.milkopet.com to learn more about why MilkOpet is so good for your dog. “Taste, Nutrition and Hydration.”

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  3. Kris

    Apr 02. 2013

    My dog loves MilkOPet, she thinks it is a great treat. I like to use it when I am traveling as a special treat for her to drink. I also gave some to a friend with an elderly dog who was ill. He also loved it. It stimulated his appetite and provided the necessary liquid he needed.

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  4. Nany

    Apr 03. 2013

    I use MilkOPet as a treat for our dog. He loves it and is always dissapointed when he doesn’t find any at breakfast or dinner. I much prefer this as a treat rather than bones as it NEVER upsets his stomach. Works very well for dogs with sensitive stomachs!

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  5. Brittany

    Apr 10. 2013

    Great Product!!! My 4 month old puppy loves it and my cats get jealous when he drinks it all. Very useful when traveling too. He gets nervous and doesn’t eat his food, but will scarf down a carton of MilkOPet =)

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  6. Gigi Brown

    Nov 15. 2013

    Join the MilkOpet® Fan Club

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  7. Donna

    Feb 05. 2014

    My dogs really enjoy this product, it serves as a special treat, or meal replacement on the go.

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