Innova Introduces Dry Food Alternative

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Natura Pet Products introduced a new dry food alternative to their Innova family of products called Farmhouse Stews, each of which features two animal proteins, plus farm-grown fruits and vegetables in a savory, natural gravy.

Farmhouse Stews allows pet owners to feed it as a topper, treat or 100 percent complete and balanced meal for adult dogs. The stew comes in re-sealable, recyclable, BPA-free, transparent tubs that allows customers to see the chunks of real meat, fruits and vegetables, even before purchasing the product.

They contain no gluten, corn, soy, wheat or fillers, and are made with with no white potatoes. Two of the four formulas are also  grain free.

Farmhouse Stews are available in the following recipes: Turkey and Duck Recipe with Lentils, Apples and Mangos (grain free); Chicken and Salmon Recipe with Sweet Potatoes, Peas and Carrots (grain free); Chicken and Venison Recipe with Brown Rice, Peas and Papaya and Beef and Bison Recipe with Barley and Bell Peppers.

Not only are the new stews complete and balanced, meeting the AAFCO requirements with all the nutrients adult dogs need for maintenance, but they are also appealing to owners.

“You can see the pieces of fruit and vegetables, and see the whole food ingredients,” Dr. Nathaniel Cook, DVM, with Natura, said. “It’s like you were eating stew yourself.”

Cook explained that as the way people are treating their pets more like family has evolved, so has the way they feed them.

“A lot of times you are sharing mealtime with your pet,” he said. “So, it’s important that your pet is eating a food that is also appealing to you.”

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  1. Bryan

    Aug 02. 2013

    Farmhouse Stews definitely sounds good by it’s name. I’ll wait to try it on my dogs and see how much they like it.

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