Generation Gap

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Between the age of 18 and 33? Check.

Likely to use to technology to track a pet? Check.

Interested in the reptile hobby and owns herps? Check.

Posts photos of my pets to social media? Check.

Economically rational? Check.

Ugh. While I’m right on the cusp; I am partially a millennial.

That was my reaction while reading this month’s cover story, which was generated from The Pet Industry’s Top2Top Conference, put on by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. I immediately thought of how I posted an Instagram photo of my tortoise when it arrived and how I had recently changed my Facebook profile photo to one of me and my dog.

My unfavorable reaction, however, was common. It is the thought of many when you talk about this generation, but it shouldn’t be, and it definitely can’t be if you own a business.

Understanding the millennial generation, and understanding how they are different from previous ones, is especially important, since they will soon eclipse Baby Boomers in spending power.

To keep the pet industry growing at the current rate, it is important we learn about this group, no matter what generation we are currently in. While it doesn’t mean retailers need to completely change the way they run their business, they should be seeking out and trying new techniques to engage these consumers.

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