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Fresh Step Now Offering an Even Bigger Variety of Litters

March 27, 2017

Fresh Step Litter is committed to providing a superior odor-eliminating litter to meet cat and cat owners’ needs and preferences. Designed with health and happiness for both in mind, Fresh Step has debuted its latest product innovations. Cat owners can now purchase Fresh Step’s superior odor-eliminating litter, which offers options ranging from popular fragrances—like new Febreze Hawaiian Aloha scent—to unscented that meet consumer’s individual preferences. Fresh Step also has new packaging for larger sizes to make it easier to carry, pour and store litter.

“We understand every cat lover has a unique aesthetic and scent preference for their home, which prompted us to create new innovations that would speak to each different style,” Fresh Step Brand Manager Jennifer Schneider said.

The three new products are: Fresh Step with the power of Febreze Hawaiian Aloha scent for a tropical smell, Fresh Step Unscented for those who prefer no scent at all and Fresh Step Compact Packs. The easy-to-handle Compact Packs feature the equivalent of a 34- or 38-pound box packaged in four smaller packs designed to make the litter experience more convenient and easier to carry, pour and store. The new, convenient Compact Packs are more portable for transport from the store to home, better designed to store in and around the home, and easier to pour into the litter box, removing the awkwardness of carrying and storing regular litter.


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