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Tom Mazorlig  
Rebekah Harrison  
Tom Mazorlig is the editor-in-chief at Pet Age. He has edited pet books and magazines for 17 years and has written seven books on reptile and amphibian care. He lives in central NJ with his partner, two cats, three spiders, and a variable number of snakes. Reach out to Tom at

Rebekah Harrison is the Assistant Editor at Pet Age. With extensive journalistic experience, she loves writing original content for the magazine. She owns a cat named Lizzy who is her pride and joy. Reach out to Rebekah at

Latest Posts:

BLOG: Third Annual Purina Better With Pets Summit

November 18, 2015

The Third Annual Purina Better With Pets Summit held in Brooklyn on November 3. This event is a gathering of esteemed pet professionals sharing ideas on how life is better with pets.

BLOG: Phillips Brings Pet Industry to the Jersey Shore

August 12, 2015

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies held its Mid-Atlantic Buying Show on August 3-4 at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch, N.J.

BLOG: Top 10 Travel Items for Pets

March 23, 2015

It is time for the holidays so there is no doubt that a lot of pets and their owners will be traveling. Some pet owners might need to scramble into retail stores to pick up a pet carrier to travel by plane, car and train and even by foot.

BLOG: Bradley Caldwell’s Hershey Spring Show

February 26, 2015

Bradley Caldwell held their annual Hershey Spring Show in Hershey, Penn. last week and the Pet Age staff had the pleasure of attending.

BLOG: Top 10 Holiday Items for Pets

November 25, 2014

Here are the top holiday gifts to spoil your special pet this season.

Mini Me Pups Pet Boutique Nails Retail Tourism Marketing

August 27, 2014

Not only did they nail the marketing aspect of it, they blew it out of the park.

Debunking Myths About Women’s Conferences

August 16, 2014

At a conference like Women in the Pet Industry Network, whether you are groomer or an author, you are all coming together to learn how to make yourself and your business better — it’s an even playing field.

Caught My Eye: Football Toys, Cat Food, Reptile Waterfalls at Phillips

August 5, 2014

Products that caught our eye at the Phillips Pet Food & Supplies’ Mid-Atlantic Buying Show.

Crash Your Store: The Dog Park

July 1, 2014

The Dog Park in Virginia describe themselves as a dog and cat boutique, specializing in unique items. Well, it’s a pretty accurate description.

Who’s Smarter, Cat or Dog Owners?

May 30, 2014

A recent study says cat owners are more intelligent than dog owners. This is the debate to end all debates. Ever.

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