Dogit Clean Disposable Dog Diapers

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When leaks become an issue due to incontinence, excitable urination, females in heat and dogs recovering from lower body surgery, Dogit Clean Disposable Diapers are the solution to the problem.


One Response to “Dogit Clean Disposable Dog Diapers”

  1. Lynn Thompson

    Jul 25. 2014

    Can these be used on cats? Cats sometimes also have incontinence issues. Male purebred cats also have a need for stud pants. I began my retail site because cats are so overlooked in the pet supply world, and I’m finding the same thing on the wholesale side! Everything is dog-dog-dog, with cats added as an afterthought. The word “pet” is used interchangeably with “dog” – I’ll be reading an article about a new “pet” product, only to find further in that it’s only for dogs. Please, help us not waste our time by clearly telling those of us seeking cat products whether something is cat-safe/cat-friendly or not.

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