Crash Your Store: Sloppy Kisses, A Treat Boutique for Dogs

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Welcome to our first Crash Your Store series, where we randomly stop into pet retail outlets, interview the owner/staff, take some photos and feature something fun they are doing at their business.

You never know where, or when, we will show up.

I happened to be in Saratoga Springs last weekend, when a fellow dog owner saw my friend and I with our dogs, and highly suggested we go and check out this “fun event down the street.”

When people think of Easter egg hunts, they for the most part, imagine little kids running around the yard looking for plastic eggs.

Not the case if you are in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Melanie Dallas, the owner of Sloppy Kisses, A Treat Boutique for Dogs, takes this long-standing tradition and gives it to the dogs, literally.

Her annual Easter egg hunt for dogs attracts regular and new customers into her store, and makes it fun for the whole family.

“We put Easter eggs throughout the store, we have treats inside and put them at the dog’s level and then the dogs have to go around the store and sniff out the eggs and find the egg that they want,” she explained.

In addition to treats, inside the egg there are also slips for free prizes, such a free squeaker toy, or coupons.

“We find it brings a lot of customers in, because it’s interactive between the dog and the human,” Dallas said. “A lot of people treat their dogs as members of the family, so if you would be taking your human child to an Easter egg hunt, why couldn’t you take your furry friend to an Easter egg hunt.”

Dallas started Sloppy Kisses with her husband, Eugene, in February of 2006, after previously being in the retail human food space and then noticing trade show floors were getting increasingly more crowded with gourmet pet treats and products.

While she does make her own treats, she also sells everything from leashes and collars to sports-licensed team pet jersey and other pet clothing.

For Easter, Dallas also has pre-made baskets that customers can purchase for the dog.

 Pet Age spoke with Dallas about the egg hunt.

Here are several more photos from her store.




And, in case you are wondering, the dog Dallas is holding, is my dog Toby.

3 Responses to “Crash Your Store: Sloppy Kisses, A Treat Boutique for Dogs”

  1. Jim

    Apr 16. 2014

    That is awesome, I have always felt that our pets are like our children and we’re drawn toward pet store owners that cater to that idea.

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  2. Becky D'Allaird

    Apr 16. 2014

    What a great article!! Love all the pictures, especially the last one from the egg hunt because 3 of the chihuahuas were some of my past puppies :)
    Minnie, Nevaeh, Mia, Britta and Mack in the back you all look so adorable! Sloppy Kisses to you all

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  3. Ana Dunning

    Apr 09. 2016

    Fantastic tip! V useful and insightful… thanks

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