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Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga Helps Pets Dress to the Nines

October 3, 2017

Pet Age recently visited Justine Roig, co-owner of Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga, at her pet costume shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, to find out what makes her business so unique.

Q What do you feel was a major influence in pet owners seeking clothing for their pets?

A A huge influence was the TV show “The Simple Life.” After Paris Hilton dressed her Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, in dresses and shoes, I really noticed a difference in the amount of sales. There wasn’t too much available then, especially collars or leashes in pink.

Q How would you describe the products that you carry? What are the most popular brands that you carry?

A I carry all kinds of clothing and accessories for every occasion possible. I have a lot of custom-made dresses, capes, bandanas and harnesses, plus my main suppliers for costumes are Rubie’s, Pet Edge and PamPet Puppelove.

Q What have you noticed as the trends in popular costumes with pet owners? What do you expect to be popular this Halloween?

A The trends in costumes change every year. It depends what movie is popular or what is trending on social media. Superdog was always a good seller, then a couple of years ago when the video of a dog wearing a spider costume was everywhere, everyone wanted that costume. This year, I think Wonder Woman will be a popular one. I always sell a lot of the lobster costume, especially in this area.

Q At what specific times of the year does business pick up at your pet shop?

A My busiest  time of the year is Mardi Gras, which falls in either February or March. There is a huge parade just for dogs called the Krewe of Barkus, and a different theme is picked every year. It happens on the Sunday before the big Mardi Gras weekend. Halloween is second, and Christmas is third.

Q Can you describe an experience that you’ve had involving an interesting pet customer?

A I’ve dressed many different animals over my 18 years in this shop, but the one that sticks out the most is when a customer came in on a Friday afternoon walking his pet llama on a leash. His name was Tony Llama and he left wearing a rainbow colored tutu. That was crazy and so much fun to see him walk down the road dressed up!

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