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Featured: Tarantulas, Scorpions Gain Popularity

Mankind has a strange relationship with fear. Biologically, fear is part of our primal reactions, meant purely for survival. And yet, we have made an industry out of attempting to scare each other: horror movies have their own cable network, Stephen King is one of the world’s most read authors of all time and Halloween […]

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The Best Beginner Reptiles

As part of my ongoing “Back to Basics” articles, it’s high time that I discuss what will likely become the most important (and possibly the most frequent) question facing reptile retailers: the enigma of the first-time reptile owner. While repeat customers are always the end goal for any retailer, helping customers choose the correct reptile […] Read More →

Reptile Habitats are the Key to Long-term Success

One of the major points that I’ve tried to hammer home throughout my past articles has been the concept that your relationship with a customer does not, and should not, end with the sale of a given animal. In fact, the vast majority of your profit actually lies with subsidiary purchases, such as food and […] Read More →

Replicating Natural Habitats

When examining what goes into a cage or enclosure, a major aspect is the substrate and caging material that comes with keeping a reptile. Substrate, as a general term, refers to the surface upon which a given organism lives. For our context, this refers to a material placed in the bottom of an enclosure, serving […] Read More →

Extreme Weather Shipping for Reptiles

If there’s one thing (other than reptiles) that we know at the Reptiles by Mack headquarters in Xenia, Ohio, it’s severe weather. Xenia has been the site of several massive tornadoes in the past 50 years. Our headquarters on Detroit Street, luckily, has not seen much in the way of damage, though we’re more than […] Read More →

Tapping into Reptile Trade Shows can be Profitable

With all that goes on during any given day in the pet trade, it can be very easy for a store owner to get into a mindset where their nose is always to the grindstone, finding ways to make their store better from within that store. Juggling day-to-day duties like animal care, scheduling, shipments and […] Read More →

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Think Inside the Box

BY JENNIFER HIGGINS When it comes to providing variety for hungry herps, reptile keepers have a wide array of choices. Some choose to get out the cutting board to slice and dice fruits or veggies for a salad and toss some meal worms on top as if they were croutons. Others may not have time […] Read More →

The Eastern Market Impact

Throughout my time writing for Pet Age, I’ve often assumed that my primary audience has been in the U.S. However, I know that we don’t live and work in a vacuum. The internet has made instantaneous communication, international trade and global publishing daily parts of our lives. Because of this, I can’t necessarily think only […] Read More →

Snakes are Slithering Their Way to the Top

BY JENNIFER HIGGINS Let’s face it: snakes get a bad rap. Whether in print, on the screen or live and in person, our slithering serpent friends don’t often elicit the same reaction that rabbits and ferrets do. But to a large portion of pet store patrons, this negative reputation is largely undeserved and may even, […] Read More →

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