Small Animal


N-Bone Ferret Chew Treats by NPIC

These small, pliable sticks are perfectly sized for ferrets and come in Salmon and Bacon flavors. Salmon is made with natural salmon flavor and is rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and DHA. Bacon is made with real pork and natural bacon flavor. Contains no added salts or sugars.


Naturals Ear Mite Lotion by Durvet

Labeled for dogs, cats, horses and rabbits, Naturals Ear Mite Lotion safely and effectively eliminates ear mites in dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. The gentle and soothing lotion has clove oil, castor, oil and cottonseed oil as its active ingredients. Comes with an easy application tip.


Pigloo Small Animal Hideouts by Ware Manufacturing

Pigloo is a comfortable hideout for guinea pigs and other small pets. The translucent unbreakable plastic resists stains and odors while allowing owners to view their hiding pets. Pigloo hideouts are color coordinated with Ware Pig Pen homes.


Kaytee Four New Habitats

Kaytee introduced four new Critter Trail habitats that include: Critter Trail 260 Habitat, Critter Trail Clear Habitat, Critter Trail Glow Habitat and the Critter Trail Tank Topper.


Small Pets Bring Big Rewards

Enrichment, diet and bedding all play a part in keeping a small animal healthy.

qsee better quality


The Q-See helps pet owners monitor their pets when they are away using their smart phones, iPads and more.


Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Ferret Treats by Stewart

Providing small animals with all-natural, healthy freeze dried chicken liver bites, Stewart by MiracleCorp has a new line of Pro-TreatFreeze Dried Ferret Treats.

Vitakraft guinea pig

Vitakraft Sunseed Complete Kit for Guinea Pigs

The Complete Kit for Guinea Pigs is to provide new pet owners with the essentials they will need for their small animal.

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