Groom and Board


ProClip Excel Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper by Andis

A new addition to the professional grade ProClip line, the metallic black clipper has a rotary motor and delivers up to 5,000 strokes per minute.


Groomer’s Helper Tub Insert System

The new Groomer’s Helper Tub insert has two levels for both small and large dogs.

Pulse ZR Detachable Blade Clipper

Pulse ZR Detachable Blade Clipper by Andis

A heavy-duty, lithium-ion clipper that provides the power of a corded tool in a convenient, cord-free design.


Xplorer Large Animal Clipper by Andis

Designed specifically for grooming large animals, Xplorer is cord-free and features a high capacity lithium-ion battery that can run for two hours without recharging. Comes in a durable, foam-lined carrying case that also contains a heavy-duty charger stand, blade oil, cleaning brush and screwdriver.


Groom Genie Brush

The Groom Genie’s unique bristle design tenderly works through tangles without pulling or cutting and takes the stress out of grooming for both pets and their owners. Paw-shaped design allows a natural finger hold position, providing a better grip on the brush. Light color makes spotting flea dirt easier.

BioSilk for Dogs

BioSilk For Dogs by Fetch…for pets!

Fetch… for pets! has partnered with professional hair care manufacturer, Farouk Systems, Inc., to bring the popular beauty brand BioSilk to dogs. Products are formulated with silk and vitamins to help restore the moisture balance to the coat. Includes 10 salon-quality shampoos, conditioners, sprays, leave-in treatment and cleansing wipes.

Wen Pets Repleshing Trmnt

WEN Pets Replenishing Treatment Mist by Chaz Dean Studio

Combines the soothing, calming oils of lavender, mint and eucalyptus into an incredibly revitalizing treatment for pets. Rich in vitamins, nutrients, natural extracts, amino acids and peptides,  it restores shine and moisture to create a hydrated and healthier looking coat.

Wen Pets Cleansin Conditioner

WEN Pets Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean Studio

This non-lathering, rich and creamy formula is pH balanced and packed with essential oils, extracts, amino acids, vitamins, nutrients and peptides. WEN Pets will leave a pet’s coat infused with the calming, refreshing scent of lavender, mint and eucalyptus.

JW Cat Brush

JW Cat Brush by Petmate

This sleek brush combines a slicker brush and a pin brush for daily grooming tasks. It is great at removing shedding fur and helps to prevent hairballs. Gripsoft handle is comfortable for pet owners.

Nourishing Dog Conditioner

Nourishing Dog Conditioner by Bobbi Panter Pet Products

This unique formula combines natural safflower oil, keratin, shea butter and aloe vera gel to nourish dry skin while moisturizing and restoring fur. It not only detangles and dematts fur but to also leaves fur shiny, soft and manageable with a soft Sea Air scent.

Fresh N Clean Skin Essentials

Fresh ‘n Clean Skin & Coat Essentials by Pet-Ag Well Animal Group

This product line was developed specifically to address the most common skin and coat conditions affecting pets today. Each of the five shampoos was developed to provide relief for a particular skin or coat issue, ranging from dry, itchy skin to hot spots. Gentle enough to use daily.

Fresh N Clean Shampoo Conditioner

Fresh ‘n Clean Shampoos + Conditioners by Pet-Ag Well Animal Group

Available in three styles for short, medium and long coats, it’s easy for owners to select the grooming product that best fits their dog. Each of the three products includes a careful balance of proteins, oils and minerals customized for the particular coat length.

Fresh N Clean Silky Shine Conditioner

Fresh ’n Clean Silky Shine Conditioner by Pet-Ag Well Animal Group

This premium conditioner features natural silk proteins for luminous shine and sunflower oil for a soft coat. Leaves a long-lasting glow. It affords groomers the opportunity to provide a spa-like treatment at the end of the grooming process.


Deodorizing Touch-up Spray by Organic Oscar

This will keep a dog smelling fresh and clean longer. It is formulated with an exclusive ingredient that helps neutralize odors and with grapefruit essential oil for its fresh and tonic scent. It’s organic, all-natural and biodegradable, with no parabens, sulfates, dyes or artificial fragrances.

Exfoliating Butter_Wash

Exfoliating Butter Wash by Warren London

The Warren London Exfoliating Butter Wash is the perfect mix to clean, exfoliate and hydrate all in one. Contains jojoba beads to exfoliate the skin and coat and botanical extracts to moisturize. Works on all kinds of coats and provides excellent results on dry and damaged skin and coats.

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