Groom and Board

Natural Ear Cleanser

Gerrard Larriett Natural Ear Cleanser

It contains plant-based ingredients like anti-inflammatory aloe vera, antimicrobial tea tree oil, and soothing Boswellia serrata gum.


RELIQ Botanical Mist Sprays

Infused with highly effective natural ingredients that hydrate the skin and coat, each formula is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and herbal extracts like Aloe Vera.

Dirty Dog Shammy

Dirty Dog Shammy by Dog Gone Smart

It is ten times more absorbent than other drying towels and has the highest absorbency rate of mud, water, dirt and sand.


Mineral Spa Shampoo for Dogs by RELIQ

This line of shampoos provides a natural solution for keeping coats clean, shiny and fluffy.


Solution Sprays by Bobbi Panter Pet Products

Itchy Dog Spray, Stinky Dog Spray and Charlie Dog Spray contain essential oils that can be sprayed on and left in to solve common hair and skin issues, including irritation, odor and fleas.


Master Grooming Tools Four-Piece De-Matting Tool Kit

Each kit includes a stripping tool, ergonomic de-matting comb, ergonomic de-matting tool, 16-oz. GloCoat Conditioner and Detangler Spray, and a mat and tangle splitter.

Lucy Shampoo

Lucy Pet Products Dog Shampoos and Leave-In Conditioning Sprays

This line of dog shampoos and leave-in conditioning sprays, made with cruelty-free, natural ingredients, are paraben-free and available in six different varieties.


Goat’s Milk Soaps by Serenity Acres Farm

The nutrient-rich formula, which is infused with essential oils, leaves pets’ skin and coat feeling clean and soft.


ProClip AGS Clipper by Andis

Ideal for complete body grooming, the ProClip AGS weighs less than most detachable blade clippers and features a tangle-free swivel cord.

Dry Care

Dry Care High Pressure Air Cleaner by Andis

Professional groomers can achieve a new level of clean with Dry Care High Pressure Air Cleaner, which can blast the debris from their tools.


Groomer’s Helper Tub Insert System

The new Groomer’s Helper Tub insert has two levels for both small and large dogs.

Master Equipment

Master Equipment Superior Stainless Steel Walk-In Tub by PetEdge

The tub is only nine inches off the floor, so dogs can easily can step into it. Its open front allows for convenient grooming of dogs of all sizes.


ProClip Excel Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper by Andis

A new addition to the professional grade ProClip line, the metallic black clipper has a rotary motor and delivers up to 5,000 strokes per minute.

Pulse ZR Detachable Blade Clipper

Pulse ZR Detachable Blade Clipper by Andis

A heavy-duty, lithium-ion clipper that provides the power of a corded tool in a convenient, cord-free design.


Xplorer Large Animal Clipper by Andis

Designed specifically for grooming large animals, Xplorer is cord-free and features a high capacity lithium-ion battery that can run for two hours without recharging. Comes in a durable, foam-lined carrying case that also contains a heavy-duty charger stand, blade oil, cleaning brush and screwdriver. www.andis.com

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