Booster Seat Solvit

Standard Booster Seat by Solvit

Because all dogs want to look out the window, Solvit has added new features to its Standard Booster Seat line-up. All booster seats now feature seatbelt safety loops that will help anchor them to the car seat with updated colors and a polar fleece fabric liner for comfort.

Seat cover Solvit

Car Seat Covers by Solvit

Solvit has expanded its line of seat covers designed to protect vehicle surfaces. New additions include extra wide sizes and a new and improved Bucket Seat Cover. All deluxe covers now feature a non-slip backing to keep covers in place and all waterproof covers use a new  eco-friendly waterproofing material.

LWHappy DisplayBase

Floor Display by Look Who’s Happy

Look Who’s Happy is supporting their retailers’ sales and promoting their family of dog treats with a new floor display which measures 53 ¼ high x 14 W x 19 D. The new brightly colored display comes with 16 Fetch’n Fillets and 16 Tempt’n Tenders resealable pouches on J-hooks.

Diagonals Collar Jersey Cycle Dog

Diagonal Collar and Jersey Collection by Cycle Dog

Diagonals Collar and matching Bike Jersey lets owners  match their dogs. Cycle Dog collars, backed with recycled  inner tube rubber, resists bacteria growth creating a quick-drying, no-stink solution for dogs. Features patented Latch-Lock airline-style seatbelt buckle and Pup Top bottle opener leash attachment. Hand sewn in Portland, Ore.

Serve it Up Placemat Petrageous_web

Serve It Up Rubber Placemats by Petrageous Designs

These placemats are made of flexible rubber with a rim to keep spills contained. Available in aqua and gray. They are non-slip mats and are easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.  They are also convenient for travel as they can be rolled up a stored.


Evercare Pet Plus Giant Lint Roller by Butler Home Products

With 40 percent larger sheets, this lint roller ensures that every spot in the home can be free of pet fur. Consumers can choose between two comfort-grip handle designs: T-shaped for maneuvering on stairs or straight-handled for more standard usage. Designed with a fresh linen scent.


Evercare Pet Plus Fur Erase Lint Roller

The patented rubber agitators on this lint roller will remove fur two times faster than standard lint rollers. It can handle even the most stubborn clumps of pet fur on fabric and furniture. The agitators loosen the fur and the lint roller picks it up, making fur removal easy.


Signal Tag by PetHub

This innovative tool to get lost pets home fast is now available to retailers. It comes with colorful new collar attachments and includes the following features and services for pet parents: QR code linked to profile, online profile and 24/7 found pet hotline, improved battery life and more.

Duo Bluetooth

DUO Bluetooth Wrist Speaker by Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics DUO Bluetooth Wrist Speaker pairs with smartphones for an active lifestyle with a pet. DUO’s sleek form is water resistant and comfortable to wear. Pet owners can simply download the Pet Acoustics App to stream original and clinically proven pet-soothing music with their DUO.


Warm Me Up Pet Food Dish by Quality Line Enterprise

The Warm Me Up pet food dish is a fine dining dish that comes with an airtight lid to store leftovers. It is microwave safe enabling owners to warm up the food for finicky eaters. Dishwasher safe.


Pet First Aid Kit by Kurgo

This essential kit is stylish, functional and easy to take along on dog walks and other trips. Included is a Pet First Aid Guide with directions on assisting dogs with everything from choking to lacerations to poisoning. The 50-piece kit includes tweezers, cold pack, alcohol pads and more.


Floor Display by Bravo

Measuring 58 by 13 by 16 inches, the new floor display is designed to encourage consumer trial and generate impulse purchases beyond the treat aisle. Each freeze dried treat display comes prepacked with four pouches of eight different SKUs in Bravo’s popular Bites and Training Treat lines.

Pill Paste Horses

Pill Paste for Horses by Marshall Pet Products

New Pill Paste for Horses is formulated with mint that horses love. Like the other Pill Paste products, it is highly palatable, covers any size pill and easily wraps pills with no stickiness and no mess. Clever pill-hiding Pill Paste doesn’t crumble and won’t dry out doesn’t stick to fingers.

Cat is Good 2

Cat is Good New Designs by Dog is Good

Decorative magnets and T-shirts in the Cat is Good line feature new designs with the clever and poignant sentiments that will strongly appeal to cat lovers. More than five designs in multiple colors are available.

laser engraving AP Lazer

Laser Engraving System by AP Lazer

AP Lazer’s patented open-architecture 100 watt Laser System is perfect for memorializing beloved companions or personalizing their belongings. Engrave pet images and text onto granite urns, personalize leather collars or create beautiful tags. The opportunities and profits are truly endless.

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