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Reef Glue by Seachem

Cyanocrylate adhesive for mounting frags and coral colonies on reef rocks. It bonds within seconds and has excellent hold, durability and control. Usable underwater and for aquascaping in fresh, salt and reef aquariums. The aluminum tube protects the glue from drying out between uses.


Coral Food by Cobalt Aquatics

A fine powder and fully nutritious food for all corals and other filter-feeding invertebrates. This broad-spectrum, highly attractive formula will get a coral’s attention and create a vigorous feeding response. It stimulates growth and color in invertebrates.


Aquavitro Coral Cutter by Seachem

Surgical quality stainless steel blades make the Coral Cutter an ideal tool for fragging or trimming corals to maintain space or shape a reef. Can cut through thick corals with ease.


Coralific Delite by Hikari

This unique miniature pellet allows using it as a broadcast food or as a target food by soaking it in aquarium water. Soaking time impacts the  thickness and stickiness so the food goes where the hobbyist puts it. Promotes excellent feeding response and polyp extension.


Egg-Rocker by Cobalt Aquatics

This innovative design is easy to use, having self-standing legs to stay upright while harvesting eggs. Easy airflow adjustment dials allow perfect water flow to gently rock eggs. Consistent flow will yield high hatch rates. Comes in two sizes.


Nano-Flow Prop Pump by Cobalt Aquatics

This pump designed for small reef or planted aquariums creates a large and wide laminar flow rate of 686 gph but consumes only 4 watts. It creates vital current and eliminates dead spots in the tank.


Cichlid Huts by Cobalt Aquatics

Cichlid Huts are spawning sites measuring 4 x 1.625 inches. They are perfect for cichlids or other cave breeders. Flat tops allow for putting them in rock structures or stacking multiple huts together. Handmade natural stoneware clays will not leach chemicals or color into the water.


Apisto Huts by Cobalt Aquatics

Apisto Huts are the smaller cousin to the Cichlid Huts. They are perfect spawning sites for Apistogrammas and other dwarf cichlids. Handmade natural stoneware clays will not leach chemicals or color into the water.


Breeder Cones by Cobalt Aquatics

Breeder Cones are great spawning sites for discus, angels, clownfish or any other substrate spawners. Approximately 9 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide, they are designed to be the right size for fish and easy to handle for the hobbyist. They will not leach chemicals or breakdown.


Coral RX Single Dose by Blue Ocean Corals

Premium coral dip is now available in a single-dose package suitable for one gallon of water. Can treat a wide range of parasites, including flatworms and nudibranchs, on many coral species or be used prophylactically before introducing a new coral into a tank.


CA Mysis Frozen Food by Cobalt Aquatics

Mysis shrimp are sustainably harvested from a glacier-fed lake in Canada. These highly nutritious shrimp are caught live with natural gut loads of phytoplankton and amino acids, infused with S.E.L.C.O BOOST, which adds color enhancers, fatty acids, omega oils, vitamins and appetite stimulants.


Easy-Therm Heater by Cobalt Aquatics

Easy-Therm fully submersible heaters feature a modern, flat design and a simple to set thermostat with on/off indicator lights.

Marquis Dual-Lamp Aquatic Life

Marquis Dual-Lamp T5 Light Fixture by Aquatic Life

This high-output fluorescent light fixture is available in freshwater and marine configurations. Both are designed to promote exceptional growth in corals, invertebrates, plants and fish. Features a programmable timer, internal ballast, and dimpled reflector for optimal light balance.


Pleco Caves by Cobalt Aquatics

These are the perfect hiding and spawning sites for plecos and catfish. Available in two sizes: 1.5 inch diameter by 6 to 7 inches long and 2.75 inches by 9 to 10 inches long. Handmade with natural clays, they will not leach chemicals or color into the water.


ATO Small Reservoir Tank by Eshopps

The ATO Small is a reservoir tank that can hold up to 2.5 gallon of water with a shut-off valve attached on the unit. It helps to maintain the water level in sumps. The dimensions are 10 x 5 x 16 inches.

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