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Zooplankton Harvest Sieve by Reed Maricultuer

This 40-micron zooplankton harvest sieve is constructed from durable schedule 80 PVC. The screen is polyester, providing greater chemical resistance and it’s recessed for protection. Holds almost a liter. Ideal for harvesting rotifers produced in the APBreed Compact Culture System and copepods.


Bio-Calcium Original Balling Salts by Tropic Marin

These reef salts are packaged in the three individual components of the Balling Method for a complete ionically-balanced independent dosage of calcium and carbonates in the reef aquarium while also maintaining a stable pH. The three separate packets of salt are easily dissolved in RO/DI water.


Fish Food Line by API

API Fish Food diets contain a unique, nutritionally enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients for maximum absorption. Fish more readily use the nutrients and release 30 percent less ammonia for cleaner, clear water.


LED Track Lights Display Rack by Elive

Here is a new merchandising display for Elive LED Track Lights, LED Track Light Advanced and accessories. These sturdy steel racks are free standing and can be displayed in-line or by themselves. The displays come complete with a complement of product that will enhance your aquatic lighting section.


Clear Magic New Packaging by Aquatop

Aquatop has launched new modern blue and black packaging for their Clear Magic water clarification additive. Clear Magic water additive improves filter performance and results in crystal clear water. Clear Magic is completely safe with freshwater, marine and reef aquariums. One package treats 30 gallons.


Desktop Aquarium Kits by API and KollerCraft

Here’s a new line of desktop aquariums that are easy to setup and care for. Each kit includes optimum filtration, LED lighting and API’s Perfect Start water treatment plan. A wide assortment of designs available to appeal to any customer.

salinity_75 L

Aquavitro Salinity Salt in New Size by Seachem

Blend of salts specifically for reef aquariums now available in 20-gallon size. Contains all major, minor and trace components found in natural seawater and delivers appropriate pH of 8.4 to 8.6. Highly concentrated so it yields more salt water per bucket.


Hot Salt by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

Hot Salt is a high quality aquarium salt composed of anhydrous materials that have no water embedded within the chemical structure. It absorbs water so rapidly it develops an exothermic reaction that heats up the salt until fully hydrated. Hot Salt is ready to use in only one hour.


Reef Glue by Seachem

Cyanocrylate adhesive for mounting frags and coral colonies on reef rocks. It bonds within seconds and has excellent hold, durability and control. Usable underwater and for aquascaping in fresh, salt and reef aquariums. The aluminum tube protects the glue from drying out between uses.


Coral Food by Cobalt Aquatics

A fine powder and fully nutritious food for all corals and other filter-feeding invertebrates. This broad-spectrum, highly attractive formula will get a coral’s attention and create a vigorous feeding response. It stimulates growth and color in invertebrates.


Aquavitro Coral Cutter by Seachem

Surgical quality stainless steel blades make the Coral Cutter an ideal tool for fragging or trimming corals to maintain space or shape a reef. Can cut through thick corals with ease.


Coralific Delite by Hikari

This unique miniature pellet allows using it as a broadcast food or as a target food by soaking it in aquarium water. Soaking time impacts the  thickness and stickiness so the food goes where the hobbyist puts it. Promotes excellent feeding response and polyp extension.


Egg-Rocker by Cobalt Aquatics

This innovative design is easy to use, having self-standing legs to stay upright while harvesting eggs. Easy airflow adjustment dials allow perfect water flow to gently rock eggs. Consistent flow will yield high hatch rates. Comes in two sizes.


Nano-Flow Prop Pump by Cobalt Aquatics

This pump designed for small reef or planted aquariums creates a large and wide laminar flow rate of 686 gph but consumes only 4 watts. It creates vital current and eliminates dead spots in the tank.


Cichlid Huts by Cobalt Aquatics

Cichlid Huts are spawning sites measuring 4 x 1.625 inches. They are perfect for cichlids or other cave breeders. Flat tops allow for putting them in rock structures or stacking multiple huts together. Handmade natural stoneware clays will not leach chemicals or color into the water.

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