AquaGrowth Soil and AquaShrimp Powder by Prodibio Soils

Prodibio offers new ready-to-use natural soils for fresh water planted aquariums, treated at a high temperature so that they can be free of harmful parasites.


MinnFinn Mini External Pathogen Control by AquaFinn

Proven effective at ridding most parasites, external bacterial infections and fungus from aquarium and pond fish, often in one treatment.

AGV-08L Gravel Vacuum

AGV-08L Gravel Vacuum by Aquatop

Easily extract unwanted waste with this instant siphon pump tool.

Mindstream (2)

MindStream Aquarium Monitor by Step Ahead Innovations, Inc.

Convenient automated water monitor replaces manual testing in saltwater aquariums and monitors up to ten water parameters.

Koralia Pump Hydor

Koralia Third Generation Pump by Hydor

The new Koralia Third Generation is super compact, energy efficient and ideal to recreate the beneficial water motion of rivers and seas.

DTG Digital Thermometer Aquatop 1

DTG Series Digital Thermometers by Aquatop

These digital thermometers allow easy monitoring of aquarium temperature with high visibility LCD displays.

Pulse Freshwater LED AquaticLife

PULSE Reef LED by Aquatic Life

With 275-watts of power, the PULSE Reef LED fixture is a powerful unit with a sleek, low profile design.


Nanoponic Aquariums by Aquatop

An all-in-one complete eco-tank that is perfect for the beginner or advanced aquarist.

Halo Deluxe Freshwater LED Fixture

HALO Freshwater LED by AquaticLife

The freshwater HALO LED pendant is available in two models, basic and deluxe, that feature six different spectrum LEDs, a sunrise/sunset setting as well as a built-in timer with battery back-up. Illuminates a 24 by 24 inch aquarium. Light color quality is perfect for planted tanks and enjoyable viewing.


Hook by Python Products, Inc.

The new Python HOOK is a helping hand that attaches to Python’s No Spill Clean and Fill for easy and effortless tank refilling. As with all Python Products, the Python HOOK is constructed using only the highest quality American-made materials and is free of BPA, arsenic and lead.

option1 (2)

HALO LED Reef Fixtures by Aquatic Life

Aquatic Life launches two reef pendant fixtures: a deluxe and a basic. Both include 25 LEDs, an 80-degree lens and power supply. Deluxe includes timer and dimmer. They simulate the light spectrum of the ocean. Mounting arm is required and also available from Aquatic Life.

Laguna ClearFlo Kit Hagen

Laguna ClearFlo Kits by Rolf C. Hagen

Each kit includes Laguna’s newest, most efficient and easy to maintain Pressure Flo Filter and Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pump. They’re designed to keep ponds up to 4000 gallons clear and healthy with minimal maintenance. Features UV sterilizer guaranteed to kill algae.

Spoon Scale Seachem

Digital Spoon Scale by Seachem Laboratories

This Digital Spoon Scale ensures precise dosing of any chemical or supplement product and measures up to 300g in 0.1 increments. The Digital Spoon Scale is accurate and easy to use with its simple three-button operation and is corrosion resistant and colored to resist stains.


Laguna Pressure Flo UVC Pond Filters by Rolf C. Hagen Inc.

Designed to provide enhanced filtration for clean, pristine ponds up to 4000 gallons. Improvements to the pressurized filters include increased UV wattage, durable foam filters pads and upgraded biological media (BioLava) for beautiful water and healthier fish. Click-Fit fast connectors make setup and backwashing maintenance quick, simple and clean.

TH-C Series Heater Aquatop

TH-C Series Titanium Heater by Aquatop

Fully submersible heaters with digital controls that offer a compact design for versatile placement and extreme durability due to the tough titanium construction. Holds temperatures from 68 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit and each unit has a separate temperature probe. Available in two sizes for aquariums up to 150 gallons.

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