By: Karen M. Alley  –  January 4, 2016
Embracing uncommon freshwater fish piques interest in your livestock selection.

Coralife Aqualight – S LED

The LED light’s 24-hour timer has independent channels for white LEDs, blue moon glows, and RGB LEDs.

Flat heater

Aqueon Aquatic Flat Heater

Available in 7.5 and 15 watt varieties, the completely submersible heaters provide warmth for tropical fish and are designed to be used with either glass or acrylic tanks.


Aqueon Water Treatment Filter Pads

The filter pads are available in three varieties that address issues with ammonia, phosphate and carbon, respectively.


Aqueon Quiet Flow Air Pumps

Available in five models for different aquarium sizes, Aqueon’s QuietFlow Air Pump contains a number of useful features that make it easy to use, including an internal check valve and vertical hose outlets to help prevent kinking.


Aquatic Life Flow Swing Wavemaker by Macro Aqua

Designed to create a dynamic water flow in any aquarium, the Flow Swing Wavemaker simulates wave movements to spread nutrients to coral and plants throughout the tank while helping to eliminate dead spots.

Biorb Halo

biOrb HALO

The spherical HALO aquarium is made of acrylic and available in three sizes. Its hidden waterline makes it visually seamless.


Magniflow Canister Filter by Marineland

The updated, multi-stage filtration unit offers a top-sealing, watertight canister lid, self-priming and spill-free setup, and total mechanical, chemical and biological filtration thanks to its Stack N’ Flo filter trays.


FUSION Premium Flake Foods by Elive Pet

Five times thicker than standard flake foods, FUSION flakes come in four different flavors and do not contain as many fillers as its competitors.

GlowNatural Elements

Glow Elements Line by Elive Pet

The line features neon products that glow under blue aquarium light. They look dazzlingly bright during the day and create a luminescent underwater world at night.

PG 9000 High Performance Pump

PG 9000 High Performance Pump by Lifegard Aquatics

The new high flow rate and energy efficient pump is designed for submersible or external applications such as freshwater ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and hydroponic systems.


AquaGrowth Soil and AquaShrimp Powder by Prodibio Soils

Prodibio offers new ready-to-use natural soils for fresh water planted aquariums, treated at a high temperature so that they can be free of harmful parasites.


MinnFinn Mini External Pathogen Control by AquaFinn

Proven effective at ridding most parasites, external bacterial infections and fungus from aquarium and pond fish, often in one treatment.

AGV-08L Gravel Vacuum

AGV-08L Gravel Vacuum by Aquatop

Easily extract unwanted waste with this instant siphon pump tool.

Mindstream (2)

MindStream Aquarium Monitor by Step Ahead Innovations, Inc.

Convenient automated water monitor replaces manual testing in saltwater aquariums and monitors up to ten water parameters.

Koralia Pump Hydor

Koralia Third Generation Pump by Hydor

The new Koralia Third Generation is super compact, energy efficient and ideal to recreate the beneficial water motion of rivers and seas.

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