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Crispers old mother

Crispers by Old Mother Hubbard

Crispers by Old Mother Hubbard are a wheat-free, crunchy cheesy dog snack.

fruitins old mother

Fruit’ins by Old Mother Hubbard

Fruit’ins are baked with honey, apple and bacon and feature two unique textures.

soft bakes old mother

Soft Bakes by Old Mother Hubbard

Soft Bakes by Old Mother Hubbard are an all-natural snack backed with applesauce and oatmeal.

harness lead new

Harness Lead

Harness Lead is a leash and harness combo that reduces pulling and is escape-proof. It’s simple to use and adjusts to any size or body type.


Beyond Tough Line by Ethical Products

Ethical Products has launched an even stronger canvas series to the already, “rough and tough” Beyond Tough product line.


Everest Explorer Vest by Canada Pooch

The Everest Explorer is a winter-worthy cargo jacket that suits the cold weather needs of any pooch.

Malbec - Winter Wilderness

Winter Wilderness Jacket by Canada Pooch

Introducing a doggie winter jacket so warm, so thick and so cozy, that you may be tempted to try.

North Pole Parka On Dog Purple

North Pole Parka by Canada Pooch

The warmest winter jacket known to man’s best friend.

Warhorse Pet Shampoo

Warhorse Pet Shampoo

Warhorse is an all-natural glycerin soap comprised of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to condition and nourish pets’ skin.

iLeesh_Black Labrador Throw Pillow

Throw Pillows by iLeesh

Available in a wide range of both cat and dog breeds, iLeesh’s throw pillows will brighten up any pet lover’s sofa.


Raw Made Easy by Sojos

Sojos is adding Lamb Complete to their line of Raw Made Easy dog foods.

iLeesh_Golden Retriever Leash

iLeesh Retractable Leashes

MAde from durable plastic, iLeesh’s retractable leashes allow pet owners to keep a pet secure while simultaneously declaring their love for their dog’s breed.

shags wags


SHAGS Wags is a bean bag bed that gives pets an innovative, unique and nontraditional bed.


Three Dog Bakery Blueberry Muffins and Strawberry Cremes

The Strawberry Cremes are baked with real, all-natural strawberry flavors.


K9 Cube by Mountainsmith

The K9 cube bag holds everything a dog needs for an overnight stay, road trips or a family vacation.

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