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Kitty corral

Kitty Corral by Companion Habitats

The Kitty Corral is a way to expand a space for cats and other pets.

cat scratcher

Astoria Cat Scratcher by The Urban Design Group LLC

This unique design is the perfect solution for preventing cats from scratching on unwanted surfaces, while fitting seamlessly into any home decor.


Catit and Dogit Non-Skid Bowls

Catit Home and Digit Home by Rolf C. Hagen Corp., came out with new non-stick bowls.


Catit Eco Liners, Waste Bags, Pan and Mat

The new liners, pans and waste bags are biodegradable and safe for organic and non-organic landfills.

seagrass 2

Sisal and Cardboard by Catit

The Sisal and Cardboard is made with durable and eco-friendly materials, including sisal and cardboard.

sisal card

Seagrass with Feathers by Catit

The Seagrass with Feathers toys are made with only eco-friendly materials, including seagrass and feathers.


Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal

The Clump & Seal features moisture-activated micro-granules that form an odor-containing seal around urine and feces.


HomeoPet’s Feline UTI+

HomeoPet’s Feline UTI+ provides relief from urinary tract infections and has no harsh chemicals.


Miracle Care Eat Mite Treatment Kit

The Ear Mite Treatment Kit for cats over 12 weeks old safely kills ear ticks and mites.

petmate cat collar

Petmate Fashion Cat Collars

The Fashion Cat Collars by Petmate incorporate prevailing trends in color and print.



SwiPets is a cat hair removal glove that features a patent-pending, high-tech coating on its palm that magically removes cat hair from virtually any surface.


It’s The Scoop from K-Kat

It’s The Scoop is the first scoop designed for professionals and multi-cat households.

petlinks scratch

Petlinks Mix n’ Scratch

The Mix n’ Scratch scratchers are available in five different designs including the Petlinks Post, Door Hanger, Mat and Ramp.


Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light All Day Odor Control

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light All Day Odor Control is a scented, multi-cat scoopable litter.


Naturals Grain Free by Precise

These formulas are available for dogs and cats, owners who want an alternative diet to address concerns such as allergies, obesity and digestibility.

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