Yeowww Ladybug

Yeowww! Lady Krinkle Bug by Ducky World Products

Crinkly wings on top of a durable toy stuffed with 100 percent organically grown catnip will keep cats engaged and playing for hours. Colored with safe vegetable and soy ink, it’s also the perfect size for cats to bat and kick around.

Metro Stripes Stoneware Petrageous

Metro Stripes Slow Feed by PetRageous Designs

The Metro Stripes Slow Feed is made of 100 percent ceramic stoneware and has a 4 cup capacity. It is designed in a taupe, black, gray and white color scheme and features a raised paw shape in the basin to slow down consumption.


Yoga Cat Mat by Feline Yogi

Makes a no-mess place for a cat to scratch or just lounge around. Handmade from traditional human yoga mat material, it has an attached sisal rope with a catnip filled natural twine ball to keep cats engaged. It measures 17 by 24 inches, is water resistant and wipes clean easily.

PureBites Cat Treat

PureBites Cat Treats by Pure Treats Inc.

PureBites now available in three new raw varieties; Duck, Chicken Breast & Duck and Chicken Breast & Lamb. Each is made with only one or two ingredients. Treats are freeze-dried raw to lock in aroma, texture and freshness. Made and sourced in the U.S.A.


SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder by SureFlap

The lid on this feeder only opens for a particular pet based on the pet’s microchip or SureFlap RFID collar tag. Prevents other pets from eating the food and makes it easy for an owner with one pet on a special diet. Battery operated.


Kitty Fun Tubes by Ethical Products, Inc.

Kitty Fun Tubes are super fun, springy mesh tubes that will keep cats entertained for hours. Pet owners ust push down and release so the tubes fly high and bounces erratically, keeping play time stimulating. Three pieces to a card.


Healthy Pet Simply Feed by PetSafe

The fully programmable feeder automatically feeds a pet according to the portion and schedule set by the owner. Can schedule up to 12 meals a day with flexible portions from one-eighth cup to 4 cups. The pet-proof dispenser keeps the pet from accessing the food.


Himalayan Blue Pagoda Fountain by PetSafe

The popular Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain is now available in Himalayan blue. Ceramic fountain filters the free-flowing water to keep it fresh and encourage drinking. Easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe. Holds 70 ounces of water.

Gibi (00000002)

Gibi GPS Pet Location Service

Gibi attaches to a pet’s collar and syncs to a smartphone with an app that shows a pet’s location on Google Maps. It also allows the owner to set up safe zones and get an alert if the pet moves out of them. Gibi features a durable waterproof design.


Relax & Calm Chews by Tomlyn

Easy to give to a stressed animal, these chews contain naturally calming chamomile, ginger and l-tryptophan in a concentrated formula that requires a minimal number of chews to be effective. Two varieties are available, one for cats and small dogs and one for medium and large dogs.

Safe Cat Collar

Safe Cat Collar by Coastal Pet Products

This collar keeps cats safe at all times by being glow-in-the-dark and breakaway. It absorbs light all day so it can glow all night. Pivoting breakaway buckle releases a cat that gets caught. Available in five fashionable patterns and adjustable from 8-12 inches.

Chow Time Bowl Petrageous

Chow Time Slow Feeders by PetRageous Designs

PetRageous Designs Slow feeders are now available in durable MELAWARE designer plastic. There’s a 4 cups capacity in Lime Green and 6 cups capacity in Aqua. Each features non-slip bottoms and raised paw shape in the basin to slow down consumption.

Nutram Diets

Nutram Cat and Dog Diets

This unique, balanced wellness brand is 100 percent natural and holistic, offering optimal nutrition. Each ingredient has been carefully paired to amplify its benefits. Available in three diet lines: Wellness, Solution Support and Total Grain-Free. The fresh ingredients are preservative and hormone-free. Made in Canada.

JW Cat Brush

JW Cat Brush by Petmate

This sleek brush combines a slicker brush and a pin brush for daily grooming tasks. It is great at removing shedding fur and helps to prevent hairballs. Gripsoft handle is comfortable for pet owners.


Smart Kitty USA Supplements by Vets Plus, Inc.

Smart Kitty USA supplements and treats are gluten, grain, corn and soy free. These convenient soft chew supplements provide nutritional support in tasty, natural flavors cats love. The line also includes four treats which have added nutrition for digestion or oral health.

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