Tiki Cat Born Carnivore

Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Dry Food by TikiPets

Tiki Cat Born Carnivore is a baked dry food with more than 30 percent fresh meat and less carbohydrates than typical kibble products.

Bamboo Bowl for Cats

Bamboo Bowl for Cats by The Green Pet Shop

These eco-friendly bowls are made from bamboo and cooked rice husks and bonded under extreme heat and pressure.

OP SmartLink Feeder Intelligent Pet Bowl IPC

OurPets SmartLink Feeder Intelligent Pet Bowl

It has a removable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl and uses BlueTooth technology to ensure it is only accessed by the pet wearing a unique attached tag.

Cancun Cat Diner

Cancun Cat Diner by Petrageous Designs

These two brushed stainless steel bowls have one cup capacity, making them ideal for cats. The bowls rest inside an attractive green powder coated metal frame.

cbd gel pen

CBD Gel Pen by The Green Pet Shop

The cannabidiol (CBD) Gel Pen from The Green Pet Shop is crafted to dispense 50 pumps of gel, each consisting of precisely one milligram of purified CBD.

Cat Cave

Cat Cave by Petrageous Designs

Each Cat Cave is made of a durable canvas that is designed to last. The crinkle paper lining will keep cats engaged.

MeOw Cat House

MeOW Cat House by Bow Wow Dog Houses

The contemporary design and architecture makes each house comfortable for cats and easy to maintain for their owners.

Solid Gold High Protein

Solid Gold High Protein Line

Grain and gluten-free, these foods have healthy fats to supply essential energy and a core combination of superfoods like pumpkin, blueberries and spearmint for overall health.

OP Whirling

OurPets Whirling Wiggler

It stimulates cats’ natural instincts to jump, lunge and dive as they try to “hunt,” keeping bored pets occupied and providing them with a fun exercise opportunity.

Cats Incredible

Cats Incredible by Lucy Pet Products

All profits from Cats Incredible are donated to the Lucy Pet Foundation to reduce pet overpopulation through mobile spay and neuter clinics as well as funding other animal-related welfare causes.


Open Farm Certified Humane Raised and Handled Cat Food

Open Farm uses only meat and poultry products from Certified Humane farms and ranches, raised without antibiotics or growth hormones and never fed any animal by-products.


OurPets Catty Whack

This unpredictable game of hide and seek is specifically designed to encourage independent play for cats of all ages.


The Whisker Box

The Whisker Box is specifically designed to respond to the scientifically proven feline desire for compression, which translates to a sense of security for pets.


Cat Storage End Table by Sauder Pet Home Collection

Sisal pads on either side of the table are ideal for scratching and stretching, and two removable baskets are inside for toy storage.


PetSafe Flitter Cat Toy

The PetSafe Flitter is an automatic teaser toy that dangles fun dragonflies from two rotating arms for maximum play.

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