The Loving Bowl

The first bowl ergonomically designed for flat-faced breeds such as pugs and Persian cats, it makes a great bowl for any dog, cat or rabbit. It has an oversized feeding area and special ridge to make eating easy and reduce the risk of gas and bloating. Also reduces mess.


Dazzle Litter Box System by Precision Pet Products

Eliminate odors in between scooping with this litter box that contains a canister of Dazzle! Odor Eliminating Spray. Simply push a button and it release a fine mist into the box creating a bond that molecularly eliminates waste odors. Spray is biodegradable and pet and people safe.


Naturals Ear Mite Lotion by Durvet

Labeled for dogs, cats, horses and rabbits, Naturals Ear Mite Lotion safely and effectively eliminates ear mites in dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. The gentle and soothing lotion has clove oil, castor, oil and cottonseed oil as its active ingredients. Comes with an easy application tip.


SkratchKabin by KatKabin

The new SkratchKabin is specially designed with a unique textured exterior for scratching. With feline-shaped ends and three gorgeous colors, the SkratchKabin complements any décor. The SkratchKabin includes a removable and washable KatKushion, toy hanger and sisal mouse toy.


Circle T Fashion Leather Collars and Leashes by Coastal Pet Products

Featuring black leather with pink, blue or green jewels and coordinating stitching, the collars are sure to add style to pups of all sizes. Circle T Fashion Leather collars and leashes are handcrafted in the USA. The soft leather backing provides additional comfort.


Jackson Galaxy Collection Motor Mouse by Petmate

With a vibrating mechanism in its body activated by pulling the tail, the Motor Mouse offers random movements to maintain a cat’s interest and includes a Made in the USA catnip pod in its center for added excitement.


Jackson Galaxy Collection Cat Crawl by Petmate

Available in multiple colors, the Cat Crawl provides shelter and security for cats. Available in mesh tunnel, which allows cat families to watch the fun or solid tunnel to encourage stalking. Compatible with the Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Base Camp Hub or Carrier.


PureBites Salmon Cat Treats

These natural and healthy treats feature only one ingredient: 100 percent Pacific salmon. Freeze drying locks in flavor and aroma to entice cats and makes this a nutrient-rich treat. Made and sourced in the U.S.A. Two sizes available.


Purrk! Playfuls Deep Sea Bug by Vitakraft Sunseed

This fuzzy freestanding toy has a bell on one end and a brightly colored ball on the other to catch a cat’s eye and keep him engaged. Owners sprinkle on the included feline silvervine to stimulate the cat to jump, pounce and play.


Ring Lasers by Petsport

The tried-and-true laser pointer now comes in a convenient ring design. Each one has an elastic strap to fit every finger for a game that cats (and other pets) can’t resist. Pack contains two Ring Lasers and six extra batteries.



A luxury enclosure for cats, the outdoor KatKabin is designed to give pets the security and comfort of lounging indoors. With a removable door and included KatKushion, the KatKabin is made of durable, water-proof plastic and has accessories like an insulated winter warmer and warming pad.


Glandex by Vetnique Labs

Glandex is an oral supplement specifically designed for anal gland problems in dogs and cats. It provides anal gland and digestive support and helps pets maintain healthy anal glands. It also contains key ingredients to target the underlying inflammation and allergies that trigger anal gland problems.


Purrk! Playfuls Busy Bee by Vitakraft Sunseed

For cats that prefer something that dangles, the Busy Bee can be hung on doorknobs or wherever the cat plays. With metallic wings and a bell to keep it interesting, owners can simply sprinkle the included feline silvervine on the toy.


Purrk! Playfuls Pixie Powder Refills by Vitakraft Sunseed

Pack of five tubes of powdered silvervine—a more powerful cat stimulant than catnip—to keep cats engaged with their toys. Natural and nontoxic.


Grain Free Pure foods by CANIDAE

All formulas of these premium cat and dog foods have fresh meat or fish as the first ingredient and contain healthy whole foods such as sweet potatoes, peas and chickpeas. The dog food line comes in five formulas and the cat food line in four.

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