Cat is Good 2

Cat is Good New Designs by Dog is Good

Decorative magnets and T-shirts in the Cat is Good line feature new designs with the clever and poignant sentiments that will strongly appeal to cat lovers. More than five designs in multiple colors are available.

Invironment 2 of 3

Invironmnet Cat Toys by Petstages

The full line of invironment products addresses the needs of an indoor cat. Petstages invironment products effectively mimic the natural elements that kitty craves, in the safe environment of your home. Includes Kitty Camo Coil, Easy Life Scratcher & Hammock, Grass Patch Hunting Box and more.

Easy Clean Probiotic 11lb #72005

Easy Clean Probiotic Cat Litter by Pestell Pet Products

New Easy Clean Probiotic Scoopable Litter is a scientifically advanced odor elimination system in a scoopable clay cat litter.  The application of an odor-eliminating non-spore forming ingredient creates a truly effective odor-free litter box for a full seven days. Comes in 11 and 33 pound sizes.

Awesome Possum

Awesome Possum Dog and Cat Treats

Eco-conscious dog and cat treats made from a destructive invasive possum. They are free of grains and GMOs and are all natural. Provides excellent protein and omega-3 for healthy skin and coat. Great for pets with food allergies. Made in New Zealand.

okocat litter

ökocat Soft Step Natural Cat Litter by Healthy Pet

New ökocat Soft Step is made of extra lightweight, fine wood granules that are softer on cats paws than other naturals. A high performance clumping litter, ökocat Soft Step is ideal for declawed cats, seniors, kittens and customers transitioning to a natural litter from clay due to a similar texture.

PetZone Cat Toys

New PetZone Cat Toys by OurPet’s Company

New additions to this line include the Pet Zone Pounce House Cat Tunnel, Pet Zone Romp-A-Round Floor Toy, Pet Zone KittyKicker and Pet Zone Catnip Crinkle Disks. These toys will engage cat with vibrant colors, interesting textures and jingling or crinkling sounds.


Madcap Cat Toys by Petstages

Designed to stimulate kitty to engage in independent play, the madcap line of cat toys. This colorful, whimsical group includes a variety of materials such as plush, feathers, crinkle and premium catnip to entice kitty. The lightweight toys are perfect to bat and carry.


Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Base Camp Hub

Created to offer security during play, the Jackson Galaxy Base Camp Hub encourages cat play in and around a carrier and features tunnel attachments on three sides.


POP Floor Display by In Clover

Create a one-stop supplement shop with In Clover’s POP floor display. The strong corrugated material reinforced with metal supports will stand up to daily use. A fully stocked floor display package also includes free product samples and customer literature to make sales a snap.


PetPal Wi-Fi Feeder

PetPal automatic and interactive stainless steel pet feeder is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Comes equipped with a camera and microphone, which can be accessed via users’ phone or tablets. PetPal also boasts a speaker, allowing users to speak to their pets even when they are not home.


Romega-3 Salmon Roe by GoodFish

GoodFish is proud to announce the release of their products Romega-3 for Dogs and Romega-3 for Cats. Romega-3 is dehydrated wild Alaskan salmon roe. When added to a pet’s daily diet, Romega-3 will naturally provide EPA, DHA, omega-3s and other essential fatty acids.

Kool Pets, Cat Bowls

Kool Pets Cat Bowls by PetRageous Designs

There are two exciting cat bowls in the colorful Kool Pets collection. Each is made of 100 percent ceramic stoneware and has a 1-cup capacity. They feature the word “cat” centered on the exterior of the bowl. Available in either turquoise or lime green.

Silly Kitty Lime Green

Silly Kitty Bowls and Saucers by PetRageous Designs

The Silly Kitty bowl collection has two new colors with coordinating saucers. The popular Silly Kitty deep oval bowl is now available in yellow, white/lime green and white/pink. Each bowl features a character logo in the basin and embossed paw design around the outside.


Vital Raw by Freshpet

Vital Raw food blends natural probiotics with raw chicken or beef and superfoods like kale, spinach, sweet potatoes and cranberries. It’s soy and grain free. And there is no need to thaw; Vital Raw food is refrigerated and ready to serve.


Delightibles Gourmet Cat Treats

Made in the U.S.A. with wholesome ingredients and natural antioxidants, Delightibles’ center-filled treats are available in six tasty flavors including: Chicken, Turkey, Tuna, Salmon, Beef and Dairy. Each treat is just the right size and texture with a crispy outside shell and soft creamy center that cats find irresistible.

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