Litter Champ

Litter Champ Premium Pet Waste & Odor Disposal System by Lucky Champ

Its attached litter scoop, continuous bagging system, and hygienic, hands-free pedal operation make Litter Champ easy to use.

Savvy Tabby

Savvy Tabby Duo Cat Scratch Posts

With two scratching surfaces and a dangling feather toy, the Savvy Tabby Duo Cat Scratch Post offers limitless scratching and play options.

Ciao puree

Ciao Churu Purées by Inaba Foods

These lickable treats for cats are made with certified dolphin-safe tuna or cage-free chicken as the main ingredient.

Ciao fillet

Ciao Grilled Fillets by Inaba Foods

These cat treats are made from hand-cut portions of responsibly harvested tuna and cage-free chicken that are lightly grilled and packed in a savory seafood or poultry broth.

Savvy Tabby

Acrobat Cat Scratcher by Savvy Tabby

With a scratching post, dangling feather toy and a durable sisal-covered archway, this cat scratcher is the pillar of play versatility.

Homedics Air Purifier

Airmaster by Homedics

This air purifier for pet owners, which has a long lasting True HEPA filter that removes up to 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants, eliminates litter box odor, wet dog smell and pet fur and dander.

Jackson Galaxy Wand Laser Attachment_1

Jackson Galaxy Wand Laser Attachment by Petmate

Best for cats with air pursuit interests, get raw cat instincts going with the laser and then switch to the telescoping retractable feather for a satisfying hunt.

PetSafe_Sedona Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain by PetSafe

A constant source of fresh-filtered water, the trendy water fountain design features 100 ounce water capacity and a sleek, spill-minimizing clear bowl.

pretty litter

Pretty Litter

This early-detection, health monitoring cat litter changes color when it identifies illness in a cat’s waste.


EZ-WEIGH PetProPlus by Proactive PetHealth

This in-home combination feeding bowl, pet scale and health monitor for both dogs and cats incorporates a feeding mat, self-operating pet scale and a built-in spill-proof feeding bowl.


Vivamune Vital Health3 Chews by Avivagen

Supplement with OxC-beta benefits immune system, skin, joint and digestive health for dogs and cats.

Jackson Galaxy Toy Marinater

Jackson Galaxy Toy Marinater by Petmate

Owners can create their own catnip infused toys by adding catnip to the silicone base.


Cat ‘n Around Snake Duo by Imperial Cat

These stuffing-free toys come with Velcro closures that allow cat owners to easily refill their pet’s plaything with fresh catnip.


Kitty Litter Claw by Scoop Claw

Designed to ease the process of cleaning a cat’s litter box, it features a durable, lightweight and rustproof body.

Mega Turbo Cat Toy Coastal

Mega Turbo Cat Toy by Coastal Pet Products

Mega Turbo Cat Toy features two interactive sides plus catnip and a smooth motion track ball. Cats will enjoy hours of fun, enriching play.

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