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By: Karen M. Alley  –  December 4, 2013
Grain-free, raw options become popular cat food choices among customers.

Daily Menu Stoneware Collection by Petrageous

This collection offers both a classic and trendy look. Its eatery-themed chalkboard design and basic black and white colors coordinate well with modern kitchen décor. This is a four piece assortment including a 2-cups capacity bowl, 3.5-cups capacity bowl and coordinating dog and cat mugs.


TenderMoist Cat Food by Waggers

Introducing the first starch-free, high-meat, low-carb, semi-moist cat diet. This all-natural premium cat food is made in the U.S.A. and contains more than 90 percent protein, less than 10 percent carbs, and three times the moisture of kibble. TenderMoist comes in three varieties packaged in 3 pound bags.


Dozer Throw by Arts & Sciences

The Dozer Throw by Arts & Sciences is comfortable and cozy with odor eliminating freshness. It keeps pets warm while protecting and keeping a pet owner’s furniture, car interior and pet beds from undue wear and tear, hair, dirt and stains. It is machine washable, soft, quilt stitched and a generous 36-inch-by-29-inch size


Cool Pet Pad by The Green Pet Shop

This eco-friendly cooling pad doesn’t use water or electricity to prevent pets from overheating. The bed is pressure-activated; the non-toxic cool gel works on contact as soon as the pet lies down.


Foodprint Bowls by DDPlus

The Foodprint bowl has a perimeter edge to help keep food and water in the bowl. Three cute paw-shaped niches can hold a combination of food, water, and treats. Available in six different colors and patterns.


PetLine Stainless Steel Cages by Petlift

New Petline cages are available in several different sizes with many arrangement possibilities. They are made of 16-gauge, 304-grade stainless steel and have a one-handed, open/close door latch system.


Dig & Burrow Nuzzle Lounger for cats by Petmate

This bed taps into the natural instinct to knead, making this a comfortable resting place. Fashionable designer fabrics make this collection home-décor friendly. Comes in 3 sizes.


Functional Rewards for Cats by In Clover

These scientifically formulated supplements were developed to produce results in one bag’s use. All are grain-free, made in the USA, and have only 3 calories per chew. Line includes Smile (dental care), Sleek (skin and coat), Slim (weight control), and two more.


KleanBowl with Nourish-Pet KleanBowl Refills by Kinn, Inc.

The Nourish-Pet KleanBowl Refills make the KleanBowl a convenient and no-wash bowl for busy pet owners. The refills are made of eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable sugar cane fibers. Available in three sizes and each comes with seven KleanBowl Refills.


Redesigned Booda Dome Litter Pan by Petmate

Booda Dome now has a lower and larger opening that cats will love. Petmate’s standard in-line filter now fits this model. It’s also nestable to conserve shelf space. Available in three colors and made in the U.S.A.


Catty Stacks in Giraffe and Zebra Prints

Catty Stacks is expanding its line of cardboard box cat houses by adding giraffe and zebra prints. The boxes are stackable and durable, allowing owners to create custom, stylish jungle gyms for their felines.


Wetnoz Flexi Mat by Petmate

The simple yet elegant mat adds flair to pet dinner time. It’s double the size of previous Wetnoz mat—25-inches-by-19-inches. The silicone mat rolls up and tucks away for easy storage. Available in six colors, Flexi Mat is durable, odor free and dishwasher safe.


4U beds by DDPlus

The 4U bed fulfills a pet’s need to have a bed of their own while also pleasing the owner’s sense of style. The cushion is sturdy and water repellent with a washable cover.

okocat natural cat litter

ökocat Natural Cat Litters by Healthy Pet

Available in four different types, the ökocat line combines superior odor control and maximum absorption in an eco-friendly, conifer-based litter. The litter is bacteria-resistant, biodegradable and flushable for easy disposal.


Blaze Lights It Up by Petpals Group

Blaze is the newest member to the blended color line, joining the black and white line. Blaze features a unique half dome perch with a plush bowl lounger design and sisal posts giving cats relaxing and scratching options.

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