Tropical Carnival Zoo Vital

Tropical Carnival Zoo-Vital Avian Diets by F.M. Brown’s Sons

Each pellet in this extruded diet is 100 percent edible and contains all a bird’s needed nutrition. It contains a whole-grain, rice-based formula that is corn, wheat and soy free. The colorful, ergonomic shapes make feeding time enticing and fun. This pet bird food is delicious to birds.


Smart Selects Daily Bird Food Blends by ZuPreem

Smart Selects is a healthy and balanced daily food blend that includes an enjoyable and healthy combination of grains, seeds, and fruits. The line is formulated to ensure companion birds get the right balance of nutrients, along with antioxidants, omega fatty acids and probiotics.

Value Viewer companion

Value Viewer by Companion Habitats

The Value Viewer is meant for displaying birds in an open and airy environment.


Living World Circus Toys by Rolf C. Hagen Corp.

The new Living World Circus Toys come in five different creative designs.


VitaKraft VitaSmart Nutrition Line for Birds

VitaSmart for birds boasts a special blend of unique ingredients designed to optimize nutrition for pets in all life stages.

qsee better quality


The Q-See helps pet owners monitor their pets when they are away using their smart phones, iPads and more.

Penn plax e2 cuttlebone

Penn-Plax E2-Cuttlebone

The E2-Cuttlebone is an environmental and eco-friendly alternative for birds.

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