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The Loving Bowl

The first bowl ergonomically designed for flat-faced breeds such as pugs and Persian cats, it makes a great bowl for any dog, cat or rabbit. It has an oversized feeding area and special ridge to make eating easy and reduce the risk of gas and bloating. Also reduces mess.


Holiday Edition Vanilla Snowflake Treats by Fruitables

To make these novelty holiday treats, Fruitables combines a snowball’s worth of real, fresh high-altitude snow with a delightful pumpkin granola and yogurt recipe. The finished product is both satisfyingly crunchy and creamy. And with only 9 calories per treat, owners can guiltlessly indulge their dogs without weight gain.


Egg-Rocker by Cobalt Aquatics

This innovative design is easy to use, having self-standing legs to stay upright while harvesting eggs. Easy airflow adjustment dials allow perfect water flow to gently rock eggs. Consistent flow will yield high hatch rates. Comes in two sizes.


Dazzle Litter Box System by Precision Pet Products

Eliminate odors in between scooping with this litter box that contains a canister of Dazzle! Odor Eliminating Spray. Simply push a button and it release a fine mist into the box creating a bond that molecularly eliminates waste odors. Spray is biodegradable and pet and people safe.


Puppy Grooming Wipes by Earthbath

Quick and easy solution to puppy messes like dirty paws and drool. Made with aloe vera, Hawaiian awapuhi extract and vitamin E to moisturize and condition coats and skin, these wipes also contain a wild cherry essence that will leave them with a great puppy smell.


TDK Gourmet Treats by Top Dog Kitchen

The upscale line consists of a choice of beef, lamb, bison and free range duck jerky from sustainable, humane U.S. farms. The jerky is 100 percent muscle meat that is grass-fed and grass-finished with no fillers or by-products with high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


Nano-Flow Prop Pump by Cobalt Aquatics

This pump designed for small reef or planted aquariums creates a large and wide laminar flow rate of 686 gph but consumes only 4 watts. It creates vital current and eliminates dead spots in the tank.


Harley-Davidson Collection Dog Products by Coastal Pet Products

The Harley-Davidson collection has expanded to feature new fashionable and playful items, including designer wrap harnesses, a matching ribbon nylon leash, three mesh tool dog toys and a leather bone toy. Harness is available in three sizes. The leather bone toy is handcrafted in the U.S.A. using natural leather.


Redesigned K-9 Packs from Mountainsmith

The newly redesigned K-9 Packs allow dogs on hikes with their best friend to carry their own load with more comfort and ease. Available in three sizes, each with multiple adjustable straps, the new design has cut down any discomfort that can occur as dogs maneuver on all fours.


N-Bone Ferret Chew Treats by NPIC

These small, pliable sticks are perfectly sized for ferrets and come in Salmon and Bacon flavors. Salmon is made with natural salmon flavor and is rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and DHA. Bacon is made with real pork and natural bacon flavor. Contains no added salts or sugars.


Skinny Minis Watermelon Flavor Treats by Fruitables

These soft and chewy treats are bursting with flavor that will instantly remind pets and their owners of a sunny summer day. With only 2.5 calories per treat, these gluten free rewards are a great option for dog owners.


Groomer’s Blend New Formula by Synergy Labs

Groomer’s Blend now offers nine reformulated grooming products for dogs and cats. The new formulas include natural ingredients without the use of parabens. The spot-on safe and soap-free options are a plus for savvy pet owners. Bottles feature new eye-catching design.


TenderMoist Dog Food by Waggers

For small breeds, new Waggers TenderMoist dog food provides health benefits of wet or raw diets in the convenience of a soft and moist kibble. Starch free and grain free, Waggers TenderMoist contains over 90 percent animal protein ingredients that dogs love.


Cichlid Huts by Cobalt Aquatics

Cichlid Huts are spawning sites measuring 4 x 1.625 inches. They are perfect for cichlids or other cave breeders. Flat tops allow for putting them in rock structures or stacking multiple huts together. Handmade natural stoneware clays will not leach chemicals or color into the water.


Apisto Huts by Cobalt Aquatics

Apisto Huts are the smaller cousin to the Cichlid Huts. They are perfect spawning sites for Apistogrammas and other dwarf cichlids. Handmade natural stoneware clays will not leach chemicals or color into the water.

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