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By: Sandy Robins  –  February 2, 2016
Combating dog obesity requires better diets and more exercise.
By: Karen M. Alley  –  January 4, 2016
Embracing uncommon freshwater fish piques interest in your livestock selection.
Litter Champ

Litter Champ Premium Pet Waste & Odor Disposal System by Lucky Champ

Its attached litter scoop, continuous bagging system, and hygienic, hands-free pedal operation make Litter Champ easy to use.

Skyscraper Terrarium

Skyscraper Terrarium by Zoo Med

The 36-inch tall terrarium features a full front glass opening door with snap closure and a stainless steel screen top which will not corrode and keeps feeder insects inside while allowing greater UVA and UVB penetration.

max wax

Max Wax by Pawz Dog Boots

Max Wax paw wax is made from all-natural, human grade and food grade ingredients and is available in two sizes.

Savvy Tabby

Savvy Tabby Duo Cat Scratch Posts

With two scratching surfaces and a dangling feather toy, the Savvy Tabby Duo Cat Scratch Post offers limitless scratching and play options.


Mineral Spa Shampoo for Dogs by RELIQ

Provides soothing relief for dogs with itchy hot spots or chronic skin issues and offer a long-lasting solution to dogs with smelly coats.


FUSION Premium Flake Foods by Elive Pet

Five times thicker than standard flake foods, FUSION flakes come in four different flavors and do not contain as many fillers as its competitors.


Antler Dog Chews by Scout & Zoe’s

Durable and full of natural calcium, the antler chews are crafted from naturally shed elk antlers sourced in the U.S.A. and are chemical and preservative free.



SmartBones are made using extruded, wholesome grains and other vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots and peas combined with chicken breast.

WZ225_Veggie Sausage

WHIMZEES Veggie Sausages

These vegetable-based chews contain calcium and clove bud oil, which promotes dental health, improves gums and encourages better breath.


Zuke’s Z-Bones

Made of a pea and potato-based protein, Zuke’s Z-Bones are highly digestible, grain-free dental chews that fight doggie breath and clean teeth the natural way.

Flossy Chew

Flossy Chews EXTRA by Mammoth Pet Products

These toys are 30 percent tougher than Mammoth’s standard rope chews and made especially for strong chewers.

Nibblets Small Animal Elk Antler Chew

Scout & Zoe’s Nibblets

Made from U.S.-sourced shed wild elk antlers, Nibblets are durable, contain natural calcium and are chemical and preservative free.

Petsmile Professional Toothpaste

Petsmile Pet Toothpaste

Its exclusive Calprox formula is clinically proven to inhibit plaque formation for healthier teeth and gums without brushing.


Choc Drops by Good Boy

Good Boy’s dog-safe Choc Drops contain carob (a chocolate substitute) and are carefully blended with a variety of cereals, vitamins and minerals.


Solution Sprays by Bobbi Panter Pet Products

Itchy Dog Spray, Stinky Dog Spray and Charlie Dog Spray contain essential oils that can be sprayed on and left in to solve common hair and skin issues, including irritation, odor and fleas.

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