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By: Karen M. Alley  –  December 4, 2013
Grain-free, raw options become popular cat food choices among customers.

ActiVet Brushes by Groomers Helper

Line includes the Mat Zapper, the All Around Firm Brush, the All Around Soft Brush, the Coat Grabber Silver Firm and the Coat Grabber Gold Soft so there’s a brush for every coat type and condition. They all come in single and double brush models.


The Essential by Groomers Helper

Includes the Groomers Helper patented safety loop. It’s great for pet owners, breeders, kennels, rescues and professional pet groomers. It will fit both 1 inch and ¾ inch square grooming arms. Available in both Starter and Professional Sets. Rated for all pets up to 45 pounds.


ATO Small Reservoir Tank by Eshopps

The ATO Small is a reservoir tank that can hold up to 2.5 gallon of water with a shut-off valve attached on the unit. It helps to maintain the water level in sumps. The dimensions are 10 x 5 x 16 inches.


Birbug Cat Toy and Telescoping Rod by Nekochan Enterprises

Winner of a Best New Product Award at SuperZoo, the Birbug simulates the gliding of a bird or flying insects making cats pounce after it again and again. Rod extends and retracts from 18 to 32 inches and can be used with other clip toys, including Neko Flies.


All-Day Breakfast Biscuit by nesbits dog treats

The beloved breakfast sandwich of bacon, egg and cheese has been transformed into a treat that dogs can enjoy any time of day. Each nesbit is handcrafted, hand-cut and made in small batches from scratch, without gluten, grains or preservatives.


Brunswick Puffer Jacket by PetRageous Designs

The Brunswick Puffer is a water-repellent channel-quilted puffer jacket with black binding. This fashionable and functional coat’s shell is 100 percent polyester with 100 percent polyester fleece lining. Features full chest coverage with an adjustable Velcro belt at each side and zippered pocket on the back.


Stomp Launcher by NERF DOG

One stomp is all it takes to launch the ball up to 50 feet in the air.  The 12-inch Stomp Launcher is a fun, easy way to give a dog the exercise he needs and enjoys. It is foot-activated, relieving shoulder or arm strain. Tennis ball included.


Curve Refugium Light by Eshopps

The Curve uses CREE LEDs light and the lights are as less than a third of an inch thick. Features three bulbs with 3 watts each and provides 6500K sunlight for plant growth. The dimensions are 4.5 x 4 x 5/16 inches.


You’re My Peanut Butter Cup Flavor by nesbits dog treats

Delicious flavor combination of chocolate and peanut butter goes to the dogs. Healthy, human-grade ingredients include carob, organic peanut butter, buckwheat flour and applesauce. Each nesbit is made in small batches from scratch, without gluten, grains, or preservatives.


Rubber Protected Tennis Ball by NERF DOG

Upgrade fetching play with NERF DOG 3.5” Protected Tennis Ball. Most dogs make short work of a standard tennis ball, so this one is protected by a durable rubber case. It not only extends the toy’s life, but its textured hexagon pattern makes gripping easier.


Kindly Base Mix by The Honest Kitchen

Made with carrots, alfalfa, peas and other veggies, plus flaxseed for its omega-3 content, Kindly is perfect for owners who want to avoid feeding fruit and white potatoes. Combine with water and a source of protein for a complete, healthy and human-grade meal for dogs.


Pet Effects Holiday Collections Shampoos by Pet Edge

Capture the delightful fragrances of the fall and winter celebrations with this Holiday Collection of pet shampoos. These are gentle enough for everyday use. They come concentrated in gallon jugs and are available in three scents: Pumpkin Gingerbread, Spiced Vanilla, and Caramel Apple.


Rubber Teether Football by NERF DOG

Teether Football provides interactive play along with keeping a dog’s teeth clean and healthy. The special grooved pattern cleans teeth as dogs chew.  A sticky treat can be added to the grooves to provide extra enticement. Available in 3.5 and 5 inch sizes.


Major League Baseball Thundershirts by Thunderworks

Six new Major League Baseball styles added to the Thundershirt line of pet stress and anxiety product solutions. Now, loyal baseball fans of six of the leading MLB teams can cheer for their favorites along with their dog.


Knock Out IP by Acurel

This all-natural remedy both nullifies ich and parasite infestation, while preventing spread to other fish. It offers slime protection to help speed recovery and restore vitality in affected fish. Safe for freshwater and marine aquariums (not recommended for reef aquariums).

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