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Small Animals

By: Karen M. Alley  –  August 5, 2014
Importance of vitamins, minerals and other supplements for small animals is growing.
By: Karen M. Alley  –  July 1, 2014
Small animal toys can provide exercise and enjoyment.

A Very Versatile Pet

Move over carrots, rabbit food and treats are getting a makeover.


Stop Overlooking Grooming Products

Often overlooked, small animal grooming products can ring up sales.

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Chew On This

Specially designed toys, treats satisfy a small animal’s natural gnawing instinct.


Having Fun With Ferrets

Stocking ferret products can be fun, and help your bottom line.

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Making Small Pets Feel at Home

Customers want products that are eco-friendly, stylish and safe.


Healthy Food, Healthy Animal

Species-specific, organic and gluten-free foods are in high demand.


No More Odor

Odor control is an important part of keeping small animal owners coming back.


Small Pets Bring Big Rewards

Enrichment, diet and bedding all play a part in keeping a small animal healthy.


Keeping Busy

Manufacturers create a variety of items to keep small animals active and playful.


Chomping Away

Appropriate chew toys can help prevent a host of problems.

Bedding lo res

Resting Responsibly

Customers look for natural bedding alternatives that are both good for their pets and the environment.

Natural Treats lo res

Less Is Sometimes More

When it comes to treats, customers are looking for those made from whole, natural ingredients.

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The Wheels Are Turning

Manufacturers offer numerous options when it comes to exercise items for small animals


Ferret Business

Peter H. Reid, president and COO of Marshall Pet Products, makes sure ferrets get the respect they deserve.


Becoming Ferret Friendly

Increasing your ferret-owning customer base could be as easy as inviting them into the store.

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