By: Dan Calabrese  –  September 1, 2015
Tips for successfully selling gift items.
By: Steven Appelbaum  –  September 1, 2015
Hosting a Yelp event can create positive feedback for your store.

The Facts and Fictions of Cat Training

Savvy retailers can profit from feline training.


When Is a Sale More than Just a Sale?

Done right, holiday sales generate repeat business.


Seeking Seamless Shopping

The millennial shopper wants a simple but flexible shopping experience.


Get Booking With Booxi

Improve service and boost profits with this game-changing app.


Summing Up and Setting Up

Making space for marketing in the fourth quarter chaos.


At Your Service

Quality dog training and other services keep customers coming back.


Knowledge Makes a Difference

How to make every employee a product and services expert.


Enlightened Self-Interest

Getting involved in the community can pay off for your store … and your conscience.


Do You Know What’s in Your Store?

How pet supplies retailers can better manage inventory.


Looking Outward

An external focus builds a customer culture.


Do You Know Your Customer?

In business, you can’t worry about being everything to everyone, but you better know your customer demographics or you might not have a business to worry about. Location, Location, Location If you’re planning to open a new pet store or pet-related service, before committing to a location, take the time to check with its local [...]


Help with Yelp, part 2

How to deal with negative posts.


We’re Here for You

The many ways APPA supports the pet industry.


Brand Stewardship

It’s come from driving cattle to driving success.


Are You Ready for Chip Cards?

New POS technology will reduce credit card fraud.

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