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Featured: can Pet Stores Build Their Business

BY BRENT WEINMANN AND TODD REGAN What does @ArzaS86 from Texas have in common with @ExtraBlueRiolu from Florida? They were both recently paired with their new best winged friends via an online quiz at They were both so excited about their pet bird match results, they shared them with hundreds more people on social […]

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Offering Tips to New Pet Owners can Help Your Reputation with Customers

As the New Year commences, shoppers will come to your store excited about their new puppy or kitten. With a new pet comes new responsibilities, and many owners find the list of things to do (and purchase) a bit daunting. Retailers who assist customers with relevant, easy-to-understand information and suggestions are doing these consumers a […] Read More →

Beginning an Omnichannel Sales Approach

This is the year you should seriously consider developing an online strategy to expand your physical store’s consumer reach. The future of retail will include a multi-channeled approach to sales that includes a physical location as well as online, mobile, social and textual platforms. The days of simply physically being there for your customers is […] Read More →

Retailers, Be Careful Borrowing

If you’re planning to expand the physical space of your pet retailer and you need capital to do it, a Small Business Association (SBA) loan is an obvious thing that comes to mind. I know about this; I got an SBA loan once. I owned a small business, and I needed the capital—or at least […] Read More →

Working with Family

By Janie Smyser of family-owned K9 Granola Factory “Family-owned and operated” has a magical ring to it, especially in today’s world of large corporate or investment group takeovers. Customers love the thought of dealing with a family they can trust, and the idea of building a legacy to hand down from one generation to another is […] Read More →

The Next Challenge

I have seen the pet industry undergo titanic changes, and I see more on the horizon. Change can be scary—the unknown often is—but it is coming whether we like it or not, and with change also comes opportunity. Recessions will come and go. Market forces will, of course, impact all businesses, but during the 2008 […] Read More →

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Driving Sales

With consumers often showrooming before making a purchase, retailers must develop a plan to make their business attractive enough to capture the sale. My colleagues and I call on hundreds of aquatic stores every year to keep abreast of changes in the category. In preparation for our year-end report to our vendors, our team has […] Read More →

Put a Face to the Name

There’s nothing wrong with getting your name and logo out there. It’s certainly not a negative, and it doesn’t hurt when you can take advantage of a sponsorship and get yourself associated with a positive and/or popular cause in the community. That’s why you see so many corporate logos associated with the “run for the […] Read More →

Marketing to Millennials: Knowing Your Customers

I’m 50. So if you’re seeking wisdom about marketing to millennials, keep in mind that you’re asking a guy old enough to be their dad. Then again, if you ask some millennials, also known as Generation Y, they can tell you what they like and what they want, but they can’t necessarily tell you how […] Read More →

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