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Featured: Pet Dental: It Doesn’t Have to Stink

Brush twice a day. Go to the dentist every six months. Floss daily. These are rules of thumb many Americans were taught growing up and stick to throughout adulthood. For the most part, Americans take very good care of their oral health, as a healthy mouth is seen as an important factor of presenting oneself […]

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Attractive, Well-Designed Packaging: When What’s on the Outside Counts

It’s hard to say who enjoys treats more—the pet eating the treat or the owner who gets to give the pet the treat. Feeding pets treats is an owner’s way of rewarding, bonding with, and showing love to the pet. Pets, well, they simply love the taste. Because owners love giving treats and pets love […] Read More →

Owners Demand Healthy Ingredients, Condition-Specific Recipes

In 2016, customers spent $26.5 billion on pet food. According to John Gibbons, the Pet Business Professor, pet food and treats make up the largest swath of pet product sales in the U.S. “It’s basically an anchor for the store,” said Matt Ruona, co-owner of Four Paws on the Beach, along with his wife, Meghan. […] Read More →

Products to Combat Pet Stress, Anxiety

Anxiety is too often an insidious side effect of our turbo-charged worlds and fast-paced personal lives. However, people aren’t the only ones who experience this feeling associated with fear, nervousness and unease. According to PetMD, anxiety is the anticipation of future dangers from unknown or imagined origins that result in bodily reactions, known as physiologic […] Read More →

Smitten with Scales: The Growing Reptile Segment

Whether they are lizards, snakes, testudines (turtles, tortoises and terrapins) or even the amphibians and invertebrates that are often merchandized as part of this category, “reptile” is one of the widest ranging pet segments in the industry. In fact, it’s one of the most diverse animal groups in the world. According to Sathya Achia Abraham […] Read More →

Pet Age’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Award Winners

After gathering input from more than 260 retailers from across the country, Pet Age proudly presents its inaugural Readers’ Choice Award winners. Retailers voted for their top three favorite pet products available in 2017 across 17 categories. We tallied up the results and present to you the three products that received the most votes in […] Read More →

Pet Age Supplements

Pet Age produces a variety of supplements throughout the year, that are of special interest to pet business owners and decision makers. To browse our supplements online please follow the link below...

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Pet Age’s 2017 Forty Under 40

Pet Age is proud to present the 2017 winners of our Forty Under 40 awards. These remarkable individuals, who were 39 years old or younger at the time of their nomination, have earned top decision making positions within their respective organizations. And while these industry players have likely just gotten started, they’ve already made impressive […] Read More →

Senior Pets and their Specialized Products

Though all pets age, there is a great deal of variety across the lifespans of popular domesticated species. For example, hamsters can survive between one and three years, depending on the breed. Toward the other end of the spectrum, certain reptilian species, like turtles and tortoises, can live up to 40 to 60 years. Of […] Read More →

Feeding with a Purpose

We all know the importance of dog food: it is the fuel a dog needs to survive. But food can be so much more than just the source of the required daily caloric intake. Manufacturers are working with scientists and vets to develop formulas and diets that benefit dogs in more ways than one. Dog […] Read More →

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