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By: Sandy Robins  –  July 2, 2014
Plush toys serve a variety of purposes for dogs. Every dog needs a toy box filled with action, distraction and lots of plush comfort toys.
By: Maggie Marton  –  July 1, 2014
Enrichment toys provide the mental stimulation that dogs need.

K9 Fit Club Now Offers Online Certification

K9 Fit Club introduced an online certification program for human/canine fitness certificate.

DogsWell Screen Grab

Dogswell Surprises Office With Dog Takeover

Find out what happens when Dogswell unleashed over 20 dogs and puppies on an unsuspecting office in New York City to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day.


Bringing a Pet to Work Reduces Stress

How “Petiquette” policies can improve health.

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Media Attention Helps Independent Retailers

PetSmart and Petco’s decision to pull treats made in China off their shelves is something many independent pet retailers did a long time ago.


What’s Trending in Dog Carriers

When it comes to carriers, customers look for fashion, safety and value.


Just Saying No Doesn’t Always Work

Training aids can help customers create a positive relationship with their pet.


Life is good Pet by Planet Dog Launches New Collection

The Fall 2014 collection includes tail-wagging toys, treats, squeakies, go gear, sweaters and crusher tees, home goods and holiday items.

Dogs Cat Debate

Who’s Smarter, Cat or Dog Owners?

A recent study says cat owners are more intelligent than dog owners. This is the debate to end all debates. Ever.


FDA Approves Chewable Flea, Tick Treatment

BRAVECTO is the first chewable tablets for dogs that has been shown to quickly and effectively kill fleas and multiple tick species for 12 weeks in a single dose.


Study: Infectious Diseases Increase in Dogs, Cats

The Northeastern states are a hot spot for Lyme disease, with the highest prevalence of infection in New Hampshire.

dog 2

Ready, Set, Go!

Style and safety drive travel-product category.


Supplements to Keep Dogs Active

As pets are living longer, joint supplements are filling store shelves.

sloppy_kisses_saratogasprings 003

Crash Your Store: Sloppy Kisses, A Treat Boutique for Dogs

When people think of Easter egg hunts, they for the most part, imagine little kids running around the yard looking for plastic eggs. Not the case if you are in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.


Cooling Products Do Double Duty

They not only keep dogs cool in the heat, but also provide therapeutic remedies.

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Run, Jump and Play Outside

Safety and lifestyle drive demand for active dog products.

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