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Featured: Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga Helps Pets Dress to the Nines

Pet Age recently visited Justine Roig, co-owner of Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga, at her pet costume shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, to find out what makes her business so unique. Q What do you feel was a major influence in pet owners seeking clothing for their pets? A A huge influence was the TV show “The Simple […]

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Champion Petfoods: A Top-Notch Facility

Pet Age had the chance to sit down and chat with Michelle Granger, director of marketing at Champion Petfoods, to learn about the company’s mission and its new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Q DogStar is described as a state-of-the-art facility. What was the FDA’s reaction when it inspected DogStar? A When the FDA came to audit […] Read More →

2017 Pet Age Icon Awards

Pet Age each year honors the pet industry leaders who have shown a long-term commitment to the success of the pet industry based on experience, integrity and leadership. This year’s judges were PetLift’s Nancy Apatow, Gary Bagnall from Zoo Med and Greg Judge of Southeast Pet. The 2017 ICON winners were selected from an enormous pool […] Read More →

A Q&A with Larry Cobb, CEO of The Company of Animals, US Division

Q: You unexpectedly had to leave college at the age of 19. What skills and personality traits have helped you get to where you are today? A: While attending college I became very ill and had an extended hospital stay. I had a very large medical bill and didn’t see how I could pay this […] Read More →

Barking Buddha: A Healthy Balance

Pet Age met up with Patrick Caprez, president of Barking Buddha, to find out what makes his line of treats so unique. Q What was your goal in creating Barking Buddha? A My wife and I wanted to create a line of treats that was fun and made people smile. We already had a lot […] Read More →

For the Pampered Pooch

Pet Age recently spoke with Ashley Harris-Carestia, a professional model who also is the owner of Bark Fifth Avenue in Buckhead, Georgia, on her decision to open a specialized pet store. Q: What made you go from studying pre-law and political science in college to selling high-end fashion products in Georgia? A: My career path […] Read More →

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A Q&A with Southeast Pet’s CEO Greg Judge

Q How would you describe your love for pets? A I grew up on my family’s small working farm, where my daily chores included taking care of chickens, Tennessee walking horses, a pony, pigeons and Tippy, our family collie. Throughout my life, I’ve always had at least one pet in the house, and over the years, that has included tropical fish, hamsters, one […] Read More →

‘Fresh is Better’: GAMMA2’s Airtight Storage Products

Pet Age recently caught up with Jamaica Winship, vice president of business development for GAMMA2, to learn more about the company’s airtight storage containers. Q Can you define the GAMMA2 product line and what sets your company apart from the competition? A GAMMA2 is primarily known for three product families: the Vittles Vault, the Skamper-Ramp and the GAMMA Seal Lid. Our first product was […] Read More →

Aquarium Zen: An Aquascaping Specialist

Pet Age recently spoke with Steven Waldron, owner of Aquarium Zen, an aquatics store in Seattle, Washington, that specializes in aquascaping, to learn what’s led to it becoming popular with area fishkeepers. Q: Who or what inspired you to open Aquarium Zen? A: I had been working as a technician in fish genetics labs for around 15 years and found myself getting burned […] Read More →

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