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By: Pet Age Magazine Staff  –  April 4, 2014
As the popularity of urban chicken farming rises, so can your bottom line.
By: Pet Age Magazine Staff  –  March 17, 2014
Bird treats are becoming more natural and less processed.

Creating a Cozy, Comfy and Safe Sleepy Time

Cage covers and other accessories make bed time fun for birds, owners.


Supplementing a Bird’s Diet

Combating common dietary deficiencies in companion bird diets.


Living World Circus Toys by Rolf C. Hagen Corp.

The new Living World Circus Toys come in five different creative designs.


VitaKraft VitaSmart Nutrition Line for Birds

VitaSmart for birds boasts a special blend of unique ingredients designed to optimize nutrition for pets in all life stages.


Flying High

As bird travel rises in popularity, manufacturers are answering the call.


Enticing the Wild

Choosing the correct food and feeder will create an enjoyable bird watching experience.


Bird Training Products Have Come a Long Way

Positive reinforcement leads to positive results.


Added Benefits

When used correctly, supplements can provide a host of benefits to a bird’s diet, and a retail store.

qsee better quality


The Q-See helps pet owners monitor their pets when they are away using their smart phones, iPads and more.


Goldenfeast Recalls Bird Food

Several exotic bird food blends are being recalled because of possible salmonella contamination.


A Clean Home Is a Happy Home

Manufacturers offer numerous solutions to keeping a bird cage clean.


Repetition Is a Bird’s Best Friend

Training a bird to talk can be easy when using the correct tools.

Penn plax e2 cuttlebone

Penn-Plax E2-Cuttlebone

The E2-Cuttlebone is an environmental and eco-friendly alternative for birds.


Less Is More

Bird owners seek out human-grade, additive-free treats for their feathered friends.

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Enriching a Bird’s Life

Carrying a wide variety of toys will help owners create a stimulating habitat for their bird.

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