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March 19, 2014

PetBox, Inc., a monthly subscription service delivering a personalized box of premium toys, treats and accessories to dogs and cats each month, has teamed up with BOGO Bowl, a premium pet food brand that donates a bag of pet food for every bag purchased.

Through the new partnership, BOGO Bowl will supply and distribute dog and cat food to shelters and rescues selected via PetBox’s weekly social media campaign.

Each Friday, PetBox sends out a request for nominations and votes via social media to determine which animal shelter or rescue will receive the donation of dog and cat food. Through a variety of online platforms, users nominate and vote on a shelter or rescue using the #PetBoxFridays. On the following Monday, the donation of pet food is sent directly to the chosen organization.

With the new support of BOGO Bowl, a premium pet food brand, shipments of BOGO Bowl’s high-quality dog and cat food will be sent directly from its Iowa headquarters to the chosen animal shelter or rescue each week.

PetBox and BOGO Bowl share the costs of this partnership, with a concerted effort in this altruistic mission.

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