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Dave Ratner    
A successful retailer, Dave Ratner is the owner of Dave's Soda & Pet City, An award winning 7 store mini-chain. Dave's boasts a fanatically loyal customer base and employees that have been there forever. Dave sits on the board of the Retail advertising and Marketing association, and (amazingly) the National retail Federation. Dave is the author of "Creating customer love" and is an award winning columnist. Dave is a sought after speaker as well as the founder of Dave's Pet Food.

Latest Posts:

Good Boss, or Good Leader?

December 3, 2013

Business owners should learn the difference between the two and how to be both.

Your Attitude Goes a Long Way in Business

November 4, 2013

Changing your mindset can mean a positive impact for your store.

Doing the Correct Thing

October 1, 2013

Leading by example creates the type of environment you want your employees to have.

Education Is Key to a Successful Business

September 9, 2013

Attending seminars at trade shows, like SuperZoo, are a must.

Not So Fast

July 3, 2013

Before pulling a product off your shelf, think about the total picture.

The Learning Never Stops

March 13, 2013

Going to trade shows and conventions can help retailers move their business forward

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