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Better Sales with Bettas

A dedicated section for bettas can generate steady profits.


Looking for Better Aquatic Livestock Sales?

Diversifying your fish offerings might be the answer.


The Summer Slowdown

Try these tips to increase sales in the aquatics department.


What Does a Water Test Center Do for Your Store?

Testing can make you a problem solver and build customer loyalty.


Freshening up Freshwater Livestock

Look at trends in livestock to keep it from getting stale.


Your Store Should Be Your Showroom

Let your beautiful and imaginative displays be your silent sales people.


What Level of Customer Service Does Your Store Offer?

The difference between success and failure could be the level of customer service you offer.


Why Expanding Your Store’s Aquatic Garden is a Good Idea

The aquatic garden category appeals to all those customers who have an appreciation for natural beauty.


Why Target Aquatic and Reptile Enthusiasts?

Pet specialty stores can capitalize on a segment of the industry that troubles mass-market outlets.


An Attraction of Distraction?

Attracting new, and existing, customers to the aquatics department.


Why Should Retailers Attend the Global Pet Expo

The answer is simple.

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