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Chameleons: Colorful, Misunderstood and in Demand

The popularity of chameleons is on the rise.

Cute frog on female hands

Amphibian Answers

Why should you carry amphibians, and which ones should you stock?


On a Roll

The popularity of ball pythons shows no signs of slowing down.


Number One Sellers

Lizards are the best-selling group of reptiles.


Ethical Concerns

Sometimes it’s good to not sell a reptile.


Supplemental Sales

Selling reptile supplements supports pet health and helps your bottom line.


The Price Is Right

Pricing is the final keystone for successful reptile sales.


It’s All in the Presentation

Great reptile displays will drive livestock and accessory sales.


The Magic Number

Think carefully about your store’s reptile inventory.


Stock Selection

The right animals can make or break your reptile sales.


Back to Basics

Four points to consider as a starter reptile seller


Upcoming Reptiles

Thoughts on the exciting new pets that are being bred today.


Vet Policies

Working with a good reptile vet can bring in big rewards.


Turtles and Tortoises

A must-have category for any serious reptile department.


Colubrid Snakes

How best to incorporate these amazing creatures into your store.

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