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Stock Selection

The right animals can make or break your reptile sales.


Back to Basics

Four points to consider as a starter reptile seller


Upcoming Reptiles

Thoughts on the exciting new pets that are being bred today.


Vet Policies

Working with a good reptile vet can bring in big rewards.


Turtles and Tortoises

A must-have category for any serious reptile department.


Colubrid Snakes

How best to incorporate these amazing creatures into your store.


Legislative Risks, Part 2

More on legal issues that could affect your business.


Legislative Risks

Fend off anti-pet trade laws with unity and relationship building.


Reptiles Are so Mainstream

This category shows no signs of slowing down.


Reptile Seasonality

How to best plan your sales strategy around reptile breeding seasons and availability.


Amazing Geckos

From basic to advanced, this category has something for everyone.


Bearded Dragons

They continue to dominate the reptile market, outselling their closest reptile kin by a sizable margin.

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Reptile Food

Feeding your bottom line more than you may realize.


Reptile Merchandising

How to best showcase your reptiles for maximum sales.


The Ball Python

From ancient Egypt to your local pet store, the evolution of this fascinating snake is amazing.

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