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Options for Tubs and Lifts

Buying the best equipment from the start pays off in the long-term.


Elevate Your Grooming

The type of grooming table one uses can make a big difference.


Drying Off

How a dog is dried has a big impact on the finished result.


Tool Evolution

Clippers, scissors evolve as savvy stylists demand tools that can hold up to difficult, creative tasks.

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Adventures in Cat Grooming

Safe handling, specialized knowledge and the cornerstones to success.


Double-Coated Breeds: To Clip or Not to Clip

The controversy seems to be rooted in several facts.

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Small Tools, Big Impact

Having a good selection of tools on hand can make all the difference.


A Flea Free Workspace

Little changes can keep those pesky bugs away.


Color Me Pretty

New products make creative pet styling fun and safe for both the pet and groomer.


Clipping Nails Ranks at Top of Customer Requests

Properly manicured claws are important to an animal’s health.


Shedding Happens

With the correct tools groomers can help decrease shedding for their clients.


Preventing Common Grooming Accidents

Dog bites, and other incidents, can be kept to a minimum if the proper products are used.


From Drenched to Dry

Removing water from an animal’s coat can be a tough job for groomers.


Heavy Lifting

Selecting the proper grooming table, is important for you and the client.

TP Groom

Getting Ears Clean

Choosing the appropriate ear cleaning product is critical.

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