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Apply Now: Mazuri to Award up to $10,000 in Research Grants

August 30, 2016

Mazuri is now accepting applications for their annual research grants, which award up to $10,000 for research projects focused on exotic animal nutrition.

“As a leader in exotic animal nutrition, Mazuri is dedicated to advancing the body of exotic animal scientific knowledge and supporting the industry’s future leaders,” said Dr. Troy Tollefson, nutritionist, research and development at Mazuri. “We are helping lead the way in learning more about these amazing animals and how to better care for them.”

Previous winners have gone on to experience great success.

“The Mazuri research grant allowed me to complete a critical part of my dissertation research,” said Amanda Ardente, a previous winner and a doctoral student at the University of Florida-Gainesville. “Without this grant, I would not have been able to finish this part of my study.”

“Anyone with a hypothesis, solid science and a proposal that advances the knowledge of exotic animal nutrition has a chance of winning,” Tollefson added.

A well-rounded three-person panel made up of industry experts from academia and zoo professionals evaluate the merits of the proposals. The reviewing team is designed to reflect those parties who would most benefit and be able to put the research to good use, but just as important are those that can evaluate the merit of each project.

To apply for the Mazuri research grant, applicants must:

  • Present a research project relevant to exotic animal nutrition
  • Provide a short proposal (no more than 5 pages, not including references):
    • Project title
    • Principle investigators, co-investigators and collaborators (describe the responsibilities of each investigator towards the proposed research)
    • General abstract (a brief [250 words or less] overview of the project, its relevance, and future applications written to a lay audience)
    • Purpose statement and background information (detailed overview of proposal, relevance to exotic animal nutrition and necessary background information)
    • Materials and methods (hypothesis, experimental design, method of analysis, expected results and potential pitfalls should all be addressed)
    • Timeline of activities (provide a timeline for major activities, including dissemination)
    • Dissemination (provide methods and timeline for dissemination)
    • Budget and justification (provide rationale for each budgetary item and information regarding additional support if the proposal is also supported by other funding sources)
    • Signed PMI Nutrition, LLC release (all photos and summary of the projects may be used by PMI Nutrition, LLC as provided in the signed release, a copy of which will be provided when completed proposals are submitted)

Applications must be submitted via email by September 30, 2016 to

For more information, visit

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